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Anima Quebec ceased its activities

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According to an email sent out yesterday by the founder and president of Centre D’Intervention Animal, Micheline Robitaille, Anima Quebec has ceased its activities. The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has not confirmed or denied such claims.  Ms. Robitaille says that MAPAQ is unwilling to give any further information at the moment. It is unknown if MAPAQ will use another approach towards the regulation of animals or if Anima Quebec’s purpose will be obsolete. She claims that it is MAPAQ who will receive calls of complaints of abused animals and denunciations of Quebec puppy mills.

What is Anima Quebec?

ANIMA-Québec is a non-profit organization that oversees the safety and well-being of dogs and cats Quebec inspection activities, education and information.It is mandated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food to implement section IV.1.1 From the safety and well being of the animals of the Act on Animal Health Protection Act (RSQ, c. P- 42) or provincial law.

What is MAPAQ?

According to their website, MAPAQ  exists to help influence and support the growth of Quebec bio-food industry.

  • It conducts operations in production, processing, marketing and consumption of agricultural products and seafood.
  • It plays an important role in research and development, education and training.

When it comes about the health of animals, MAPAQ  is called to monitor the health of livestock Quebec. Thus, it implements the necessary measures to protect animal health and public health and to ensure the safety and animal welfare. Among these measures are:

  • monitoring, prevention and control of animal diseases and zoonoses
  • diagnosis of animal diseases
  • emergency measures in animal health
  • the development of regulations on animal health.

Their mission is to ensure there is quality food and promote the development of bio-food sector in a sustainable development for Quebec society.

All of this information comes from their website. There is  nothing about related to companion animals or cruelty laws. Although MAPAQ and Humane Society International (HSI) worked together in the relocation of seized animals from a commercial breeding facility, there is still no information about it on their site. On Sept 2011, both agencies worked to rescue 525 animals. Then in 2012 during the month of March, 64 dogs were rescued and on June 25 another 125 animals were saved.

It is important to note that MAPAQ workers as well as HSI staff and volunteers worked together for the animals that were seized. Yet, in 2009 when MAPAQ did a review on the companion animal welfare report, Humane Society International (HSI) was concerned at the inadequate funding proposed for enforcement of animal welfare laws. Then in 2011, when once again MAPAQ presented the new proposed animal regulations, HSI was disappointed and insisted that the Ministry would revisit the legislation and make the necessary changes to protect companion animals in Quebec.

There is an old saying that comes to mind after reading Ms. Robitaille’s letter…”If there is smoke, there is fire.” Today, Anima Quebec sent out a press release stating that the purpose of the organization will be to educate about the well being of animals.  It is unknown till now who will take care of section IV.1.1 From the safety and well being of the animals of the Act on Animal Health Protection Act (RSQ, c. P- 42) or provincial law. Meanwhile, Quebec continues to be the worst province in Canada when it comes to animal laws and protection.


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