Tuesday , 12 December 2017

Dr. Amanda Glew: Where is Dr. Glew?

Where is Dr. Glew

Do you remember where is Waldo? Well, I feel like I am now in the same boat – and people have to do a little hunting to find out where myself and Dr. Cote have gone.  You would think in todays world, it is easy.  And it is if you are connected. But there are still some out there who are not, and herein lies the problem.

The other day I was asked to give a 2nd opinion about a 6 year old poodle with bladder stones. After much discussion, surgery was agreed to, and I asked to do a  pre-operative blood test. The owner was a little reluctant and I explained why – although young enough, you never know what is underlying. My own experience with my 1.5 year old Coal is testament to that. So we did.

Unfortunately we found a low protein level. Now, an animal who has low protein is either 1. Not eating well 2. Not absorbing well from the gut 3. Losing protein (from the gut or urinary tract) or 4. Not forming it well at the liver. So now we have to explain all of this to the client, who keeps asking “why?” and keeps asking “So how do we find out more?”.   A specialized urine test (“but a urinalysis was done a few days ago, why another urine test?”, “Well, there are many different tests on the urine, and this is more specific to see where your dog is losing protein from”) revealed that indeed, the low protein was from the kidney, so 3 telephone calls later, it was decided to send the dog for another ultrasound (“Why another ultrasound?” “Well, the first ultrasound was really only to see the bladder stones, and kidney ultrasounds are best done by internal medicine specialists”).

That night, there was another message in my book to return a call to this client. I don’t mind returning calls, but I must admit I thought “not again”. This was the 6th call I had now made concerning the lowered protein. This time the owner was a little apologetic:

“I was told to call another clinic where my friend told me was the best vet in the world (I think to myself- ok, what now?). Well, they told me that the vet no longer worked there, and would not tell me where the vet is now working (I think to myself, that is odd). So I look up on the internet where is this vet, and sure enough, I find out she works at the Timberlea Veterinary Clinic (I think to myself, hey, wait, I work there! I am still not used to it). And guess what? It seems like all this time I have been seeing the vet my friend recommended I call about! I just had no idea you were Dr. Glew!”

Now, I am definitely not the best, but I am reasonably competent, and I suddenly clued into this compliment and replied  “And this very same vet is still telling you to go the specialist!” Which I believe she did. 



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