Sunday , 10 December 2017

Please help restore the homes of 125 rescued animals

Photo by: Jo-Anne McArthur

Nicole Joncas is a friend to all animals, she strives her best to care for the abused and abandoned victims of society. According to an online fundraiser started by Len Goldberg, since 1991, Ms.Joncas’ refuge has given sanctuary to more than 1,500 animals rescued from different situations.  She has also been a friend, inspiration and support, for many animal advocates. Rescuers and volunteers make their way to her rescue once a month,  in order to help her with the haven of so many animals. This wonderful place is called Teja’s Animal Rescue. It is located about an hour east of the city of Ottawa.  At the moment, Teja’s Animal Rescue is in need of help. The rescue grounds need a bit more than just our love and support. Ms Joncas and the animals need $28,000.

The animals and Ms Joncas need your support in this campaign. We need to come together and do it for the animals that we love so much,  we hope always they will have a safe place to rest, and a happy life without suffering. Where will the money go?

The team that put this plan together explains it all in detail!

·      Fencing for a two-acre pasture: COST for materials and labour: $3,000-$14,000
·      A new home for the sheep and the goats: COST for materials and labour: $6,000
·      Restoration of the poultry barn: COST for materials and labour: $3,000
·      Renovation and expansion of the pig barn: COST for materials and labour: $3,000
·      Renovation of the red barn for the cows and the horses: COST for materials and labour: $2,000

Montreal Dog Blog has been supportive of Ms Joncas from the start. We have done past postings about her rescue. We also know our readers love and appreciate her work,  and the lives of all animals that have sought sanctuary in her rescue.

Please click here to go to the online fundraising event and donate
Be a volunteer and help out! Join the Facebook Group for all the updates by clicking here

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  1. Is there an address that I can send a check to? For those of us without credit cards. 🙂

  2. Thanks Jen! By any chance do you know anyone with PayPal or a credit card who can make the donation on your behalf through the Indiegogo fundraiser? It’s helpful to have donations through Indiegogo, if possible, in order to help reach the Indiegogo goal (we can’t add donations made by check), and because each Indiegogo donation increases the fundraiser’s visibility on their website.

    • I took a look that the Indiegogo site and to be honest, I am not comfortable entering all the required information to make the donation. There may be more people willing to make a CC donation if they weren`t asked for their Social Insurance Number. Is that really necessary? You can book a vacation on line with a CC without giving up that information. Seems excessive.

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