Tuesday , 16 January 2018

SOSFELIN will save lives in Prevost, Quebec

SOS Felins Website

The animal rescue SOSFelins Prevost has been approved by the city of Prevost as the organism to educate about cat overpopulation in the city,  and help the felines by Trap-neuter-return (TNR).
Danielle Leger, founder of SOSFelin, explains that the organization follows the model of Neighborhood Cats, Alley Cats Allies and NYC Feral Cat (New York) all of them non-profit organizations.
• Humane trapping cages are used
• Cats are neutered.
• The cats that are less social after being neutered are released back into areas where they were found
• Domesticated cats and kittens found as infants are placed for adoption.
They provide regular training to citizens and they educate other cat guardians about the benefits of having an animal sterilized.
It gives hope that certain cities are doing the right thing and placing people in charge that have always been concerned about the wellbeing of the animals.
To learn more about the mission of SOSFelin please visit their website at

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