Wednesday , 17 January 2018

Courtesy Listing: Adopt Whiskey!



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Photos courtesy of Susan Fischer at Simple Photos

WHISKEY was surrendered to Rosie from a private home because of a change in the family’s situation. He is quite friendly to everyone he meet and his tail never stop wagging. Whiskey is a beautiful red colour and a really handsome dog. He is truly a delightful dog! He is a playful and obedient little dog and walks well on leash. He is good with dogs and cats. He is being fostered where the family has a German Shepherd. Whiskey cannot stay alone long hours. He does not like being in the crate. He needs someone who is home most of the time. He would make a wonderful addition to a home who will give him the time and love that all dogs deserve. He will truly be good company! For more information contact Rosie Animal Adoption: Click Here


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