Wednesday , 17 January 2018

Courtesy Posting: Helping out Bob!


The following is a courtesy posting from a letter sent out by Johanne Sureau. This is the letter that was sent in. Please if you can help out Bob, you can reach Johanne by sending her an email :


I found a dog last weekend. I took him home and brought him back the next day to the town where I found him and drove around asking anyone I could see if they recognized him. Most said they did but couldn’t pinpoint where he was from. They said he had been roaming around the neighborhood for a year, always escapes his home and that his owner doesn’t care. As he had no collar or identifying tags and no posters were put up around the area, I ended up having to bring him to the shelter that services that town (a ‘no kill’ one, thankfully). They told me that by law, they have to keep the pups 5 days before putting them up for adoption so I’ll be calling this morning to see if anyone has claimed him.

He’s a gorgeous Lab/Sheppard mix (in my opinion) approximately 5 years old with pale brown eyes and a little white goatee. He’s super sweet, docile and the only time he uses his voice is to either let you know that he has to go outside (he talks!) or if he’s scared (like when he saw me drive off from the shelter without him — broke my heart in pieces!). I had the opportunity to cross paths with other dogs while I was walking him and he was gentle as could be with them, unless they were aggressive with him. In which case, he would let out a low warning growl. If I told him to hush, he stopped though. Also, he was in the car with me for a good 4 hours of driving around and never said a peep. Just sat up and looked around or lay down quietly and napped.

I’m letting you know all this in case you know of anyone who’d be interested in adopting “Bob” (trust me, he looks and acts like a Bob! haha)

I’ve attached a picture so you can see what he looks like. If Charlotte permitted, I would have kept Bob for myself but alas, she doesn’t always play well with big dogs. 🙁

He truly is a wonderful dog and any family would be lucky to have him! 🙂


PS: I just got off the phone with the shelter and she’s given me the legal go-ahead to find him a new home. If I can place him with an adoptive family relatively soon, she won’t charge me any fees. Bob is apparently not doing so good at the shelter though (cries all the time) so I’ll need to move as quickly as possible on this matter so he’s not traumatized by the situation. Please let me know ASAP if you know of someone who’d be interested in this lovely boy! Thanks!

PPS: He’s quite a big boy, perhaps that doesn’t come across well in the photos. He also walks like a champ on the leash! If he starts to get ahead of you, a slight tug and he backs up to be by your side.


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