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UPDATE on Mr. White Whiskers (Mr. White Whiskers shows us the importance of fostering)

By: Susan Mackasey  (PetitsPawz Rescue)


Yesterday, I had the absolute pleasure of being reunited with my special Mr. White Whiskers. Wow! What a long way he has come. He is the most affectionate little boy, and looked oh so handsome!



His foster mom, Carole and her boyfriend Greg are taking exceptional care of him, and thanks to them, he is thriving. We took him to the vet to get his stitches removed and his booster shot, as well as a treatment for a small eye irritation.



Carole and Greg

I think Mr. White Whiskers was happy to see me. I saw the recognition in his eyes, when I approached him and for a few seconds our eyes locked. He then rubbed up against me and a flashback of when he first let me touch him on my back gallery entered my mind.


Me and Mr. White Whiskers
Me and Mr. White Whiskers

I scooped him up and kissed him and thought to myself, what a long way Mr. White Whiskers has come. I couldn’t ask for a better foster mama. No longer on the streets… once again, Mr. White Whiskers has reinforced the importance of fostering.


About 1 year ago, I looked outside my back window and saw an interesting new cat, eating from the cat food bowl that I keep outside to feed some feral cats. Our eyes met, and he ran as fast and far away as he could. Periodically, he came back, but as soon as I looked at him he took off. Soon, he was coming twice a day to eat, and was sometimes sleeping in the shelter, I had out back. He was a healthy looking, young cat, grey with a white stripe on his nose, white, paws, and long white whiskers.  My partner, Darryl named him Mr. White Whiskers.

Mr. White Whiskers2

Fall came and went, and I could now look at Mr. White Whiskers without him running for his life, however if anyone else looked his way he was gone. I could not get anywhere near him, but he would wait at the bottom of the stairs, while I prepared his food.

It was a rough winter, with lots of snow and frigid temperatures. Sometimes, we would not see Mr. White Whiskers for days. When he did appear, he looked weak and frail. I was worried. As spring surfaced, so did Mr. White Whiskers on a daily basis. He now had a few battle scars, and our eyes now met, and he seemed to reach out to me, asking me to help. One evening, when darkness approached, Mr. White Whiskers did not move away from me, while I prepared his food. Instead he looked at me with a slight trust, and let out a small meow. I reached out and he rubbed against me for a quick instant. Soon, he was rolling on his back. His eyes seemed to reach out to me, imploring me to rescue him off the street.

I grew very attached to Mr. White Whiskers, but I had multiple cats and two small dogs. There was no way that I could take him in and PetitsPawz was short foster families, as usual. On top of that, we were moving and I was not leaving Mr. White Whiskers behind.  More than ever I felt the importance and difference that foster families make to the lives of stray and abandoned animals. I whisked Mr. White Whiskers to the vet to get tested for fiv and leukemia, praying he was negative, which he was. Next he was to be vaccinated and sterilized. Ready for the operation, it was found that one of Mr. White Whiskers testicles never came down. He now needed a more serious surgery, as his other testicle appeared to be embedded within him. 12 stitches later, it was found that Mr. White Whiskers only had 1 testicle.

Recuperating at my home before Mr. White Whiskers goes to his foster home
Recuperating at my home before Mr. White Whiskers goes to his foster home

A few days before I moved, to my delight, Mr. White Whiskers was placed in a foster family, who is already fostering a cat named Amber for PetitsPawz. Mr. White Whiskers was one of the lucky ones.  He now has a bed to sleep in, probably for the first time in his life. He will never suffer another winter outside. This is not his forever home, but he is safe and loved by his foster mom Carole.  He has had a hard life up until now, but I believe all that will now change.

I would love to see Mr. White Whiskers find that special match, who will love him forever, and as much as I do. Mr. White Whiskers will soon be getting his stitches out and getting his booster shots. His bill will total $400.00. If you would like to help contribute to his vet care, you may donate online at CanadaHelps at the following link:

If you are interested in adopting Mr. White Whiskers, please email us at

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  1. There is a very very special place in heaven for you dear dear woman!! Thank you for your kindness; we too feel it necessary to put food out for all those who may be hungry. Thank you for caring!!! <3

  2. What a beautiful boy is Mr White Whiskers! This is an old story and I’m sure by now he is in his forever home. This reminds me of my recent rescue cat, Sly. He started coming by at the beginning of winter, and after many scars and battles, he has decided that he wants to be with us. He is still busy healing but at least he is warm and has found his home. Susan, the work you do is amazing!

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