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Dog Parking in Montreal



By: Liliana Danel

I started blogging for Montreal Dog Blog in late 2010. One of my first postings was about the lack of empathy of certain people that are lucky enough to have a dog in their life. On that first blog, I talked about people leaving their animals tied up to poles outside the Jean Talon Market. Not many people paid attention to the posting and in a way…it made me think that I was probably wrong and I should mind my own business just like so many people tell me when I see their dogs panting and hot. But as a true Taurus girl, I cannot stop speaking for the animals, I can be quite stubborn and will not give up on what is right.

I moved to Laval but on certain occasions, due to the family of my husband, I visit the  Jean Talon Market area. Almost three years after I did that first blog post, I go back to find something new. Jean Talon Market  has dog posts to park dogs! Yes, this time they have exceeded themselves, a parking lot for dogs. No water…but at least some shade. And what truly made me go bonkers was that some people did not use the post and still tied their dog to a sign and the dog had to contort himself to be able to match the shade of the sign.


The temperature this past Saturday was over 30C. Took a picture of the temperature that was marked on the dashboard of my husband’s car,  and it showed 32.5 C. Where is the common sense? Imagine the temperature of the hot asphalt for the pups’ paws? Imagine how the pup feels under the fur?

We have to recognize that maybe if the animal would speak our language maybe they would likely tell us “It’s OK, go get the bananas and the watermelon and I will wait for you right here at home with my water and in the shade.” Just like there is no reason to leave a pup in a car alone, there should be no pup tied up on posts outside of the market.

It takes courage to do the right thing. Today, we know Carla Cheney as a hero that did the right thing for speaking up for animals. She was brave enough to stand up to a bully who left his dog inside of a truck in the parking lot of a Walmart in Ontario. Unfortunately, Carla was dismissed by the store for her heroic action. Her dismissal showed lack of empathy and respect from the person that made that executive decision. I know there are kind people that work at Walmart. Carla used to be one of them, there has to be more than just her. It was just that one person in management that did not see the importance of the actions made by Carla.

Will you speak up for them or do you believe that as humans we have to make them endure certain conditions just because we can and we have the power to do so?

Let us not wait for a tragedy to happen in order to take action. Always be polite when addressing others and show that you have respect for animals and non-human animals.

As for me, I will be sending another email to those in charge of placing posts to park dogs and will also let them know about the dangers of leaving an animal unattended. Maybe if they installed parking meters and the city would give tickets for people leaving their dog unattended tit  would encourage people not to leave their dogs tied up and it would encourage the City of Montreal to get a bit more active when it comes to animals.

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  1. Nice try but I would be scared stiff of somebody stealing my dogs if I left them there unsupervised. I would instead, leave them at home on such hot days if they were not allowed wherever I was going.

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