Tuesday , 12 December 2017

Courtesy Listing: A home for a puggle

Montreal Dog Blog received the following email with information about a little guy that is in need of a home. Please contact Sharon for any other details. Her email is:  speedy-sharon@hotmail.com 

PUGGLE – Beagle/Pug

Seasonal allergies & allergic to poultry
Anal glands issues (need to be regularly expressed)
– no barking (rare occasions when he is excited to see someone) 
– no separation anxiety
– no destroying stuff/chewing
– very good in crate 
-very food motivated
– loves long walks/hikes
– excellent exercise partner

-very sociable
– good with children but very excitable
– good with other dogs
– seen cats but never hung out with cats
– loves bananas and spinach

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