Tuesday , 16 January 2018

A very different kind of day at the supermarket

My Friday trip to the supermarket ended up in not buying any of my fruit and veggies. Instead, I ended up joining the effort of the staff of Euro Marche Bellerose in saving a life. When my husband and I walked in the store we see a little pup sitting in a shopping cart.

He was not barking and not even making the effort to jump out of it. He was looking up and seeing people pass by. Some would pet him, but it was clear it was no ones pup.

Forgot about what I needed to buy and went up to the cash register and asked one of the nice girls that work there what was going on with the pup. She told me that the dog had been wondering around the parking lot since 1pm and that they picked him up and brought him in to give him some water. They wanted to keep him safe and not get hit. The pup was then placed inside a shopping cart at the front to see if anyone would recognize him. The team of rescuers then went knocking on doors around the area to see if they recognized the puppy. The puppy had been seen walking around, but no one knew who was responsible for him. No luck.

I talked to Mr. Crepaldi, the person in charge of the store that night. I asked if I could take him to the vet clinic where I take my pups and see if he was microchipped. He trusted me in helping out and agreed on me taking the pup. The staff at Hopital Veterinaire Vimont was happy to help and scanned the pup out…no luck. He had no chip.

Mr.Crepaldi had the idea of putting him down and allowing him to walk to see if he would go home and we could follow him. As soon as we was on the floor, he went and he sniffed the walls, peed, went to say hello to some people getting in their cars and then ran right back to the store. He felt safe there. He did not want to leave. He had found kind people that helped him and was sure that he was safe. He could not keep the pup for the night. And although the rest of the staff tried their best to find the person of the pup, they could not take him home.

I was able to find him a foster home for the moment and try to help this little guy. He warmed up to all of us really quick and listened to all that we would ask. The pup looked clean and well fed. He looks to have been groomed not that long ago. He is or was someone’s furfriend but for some reason he ended up in that parking lot. People are still moving in and out from apartments. I do not know if he is lost or he ran away or if he was dumped in the parking lot thinking someone would pick him up and take him home. I don’t know.

What I know is that there are kind-hearted people that do their best in helping out an innocent pup that was thirsty and looking for someone to be his friend. To the whole team of Euro Marche Bellerose, thank you so very much for your kind actions of the day. You are all my heroes and thanks to you the pup is safe. Thank you to more than 100 people that shared him after posting his picture on Facebook and to petluck.ca  for sharing this little guy as well as so many other animals that are lost or found. The initiative of that person that picked him up brought a whole army willing to help one little lost pup.


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