Tuesday , 12 December 2017

ASPCA celebrates No Pet Store Puppies Day with viral video campaign


On July 21, the ASPCA will celebrate national No Pet Store Puppies Day. This is the third year in which the ASPCA promotes a campaign that is meant to educate the public about the connection between pet stores and puppy mills. This year, the ASPCA will promote the campaign with a video called “Meet Molly.”

In the video, people get to meet a little girl named Molly and her dog Joe. Molley explains how puppy mills are cruel and why people should avoid pet stores that sell puppies. According to a press release given by the ASPCA, the goal of the video is to leverage the power of Internet virality and educate millions about the link between pet stores and puppy mills.

“The ASPCA commissioned a national study conducted by Lake Research Partners which found that 78 percent of consumers are unaware that most pet stores puppies come from puppy mills.” -ASPCA

In order to educate and inform people about the reality of the puppy mill industry, the ASPCA encourages people to do the following:

  • Share the “Meet Molly” video across their social networks, thus educating people that shopping in pet stores that sell puppies supports puppy mill cruelty.
  • Take the Pledge not to shop for anything –including pet food, toys, etc – at pet stores stores or on websites that sell puppies.
  • Check out the newly launched consumer tool that allows consumers to see photos taken inside U.S. Department of Agriculture licensed commercial dog breeding facilities that sell puppies to pet stores around the country
  • Join the ASPCA Puppy Mills Awareness Twitter chat with the hashtag #ASPCAchat, which will be taking place on Tuesday, July 23rd from 1pm-2pm EST.


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