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Sentence imposed for criminal acts against a cat




Montreal, July 31, 2013 – The Montreal’s SPCA informs on the guilty verdict given to Christian Roy . In 2012,he was charged under the Canadian Criminal Code with: “voluntarily causing an animal pain, suffering, injury unnecessary.”On Jul 19 2013, Mr. Roy was found guilty and sentenced to a $1,000 fine. He cannot  own any animal, having custody or staying in a place where there is an animal for a period of two years.

According to the Montreal SPCA, Mr.Roy, violently closed the hood of his truck on a kitten’s head and then threw him against a nearby fence. The cat was part of a colony of stray cats living around the block of Mr.Roy. It is believed that one of the kittens found underneath the hood in order to keep warm. The kitten survived the abuse and was rescued by neighbors and brought to the  organization Operation Felix.  A volunteer from the organization then brought the cat to a vet to be examined. Due to the injuries of the cat that caused him excruciating pain, the veterinarians made the decision to proceed with a humane euthanasia. All examination fees and euthanasia were settled by the generous volunteer.

One of the witness contacted the Montreal’s SPCA to make a complaint and the cruelty investigations department immediately started an investigation.  A necropsy was performed and the results showed that the kitten, in addition to a head injury, suffered a broken jaw. These results were consistent with blunt force trauma and corroborate the witnesses’ version.

“This guilty verdict sends an important message that people who harm animals, including stray animals, can be subject to criminal prosecution’ said Alanna Devine, Director of Animal Advocacy at Montreal’s SPCA. ‘While we are constantly disappointed by the light sentences handed out to animal abusers, we are continuously working on investigating animal cruelty and neglect and working for stronger animal protection legislation and get some form of justice for these animals.”

The Montreal’s SPCA would like to thank the prosecutors, veterinarians and witnesses who contributed to the case.  “This case illustrates the importance for anyone who witnessed neglect or cruelty to an animal to complain. Each gesture can make a difference and help animals” – Montreal SPCA

Inspectors from Montreal’s SPCA respond to all complaints of animal cruelty and neglect and  all are kept  confidentially. They also check the places where animals are kept for sale, lease or to be exhibited. In 2012, they handled nearly 1,000 new complaints, including follow-ups, and they conducted the inspection of 4,645 animals, all species combined.

To report any case of cruelty or animal neglect, please leave us a message at: (514) 735-271, ext.2230, or send an email at inspection@spcamontreal.com. In case of emergency, please call (514) 735-2711, extension 0.

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