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For The First Time In Their Lives

Shot by JoMcArthur

Sept 3, 2013

Little faces with little frightened eyes. Someday I will give more details but today I cannot.

But what I can say is what we always suspected to be true, in fact is. Nothing is more forgiving than a dog.

After a life of hell a cuddle is bliss. With your offspring being the only company you have for a few short weeks –  and you find once again you are alone for months on end, a smile might just give some comfort to the soul.  It’s frightening yes, but oh they so want to please.

They each got to be important. For the first time in their lives.

Tonight my job was to be a “runner”.  I’ve done this many times. But this was in my backyard which makes it all the more special to me. A runner carries each dog one by one to an awaiting team. While my heart ached for each precious body, it soared with the knowledge that this is their beginning. They don’t understand of course but they will know love and trust in time. The overpowering odor that they deal with will be gone eventually. Not over night. But we all smell the same tonight. And will for the days to come.

What a great combined effort this was. We checked these dogs in as if they were checking into a hotel. They zipped by our front desk receiving their assigned location and into fresh smelling surroundings with blankets, beds, a bowl full of water and a soft toy. Staff worked all through the night before getting their “rooms” ready.

Once they had settled into their new space for a short while it was my turn to gently lift them out and transport to a room filled with veterinarians, technicians, inspectors, volunteers and staff…. to be weighed, vitals taken, shots given. Tonight each little frightened face meant something to someone.

To everyone in that room.

They each got to be important.  For the first time in their lives.


“In rescuing animals, I lost my mind , but found my soul.”


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  1. Amazing! Thank you!

  2. Tears of gratitude and hope – that you are in the same world as me makes me so proud and thankful that not all humans are horrible. Thank you, thank you, thank You!

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