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Timberlea Vet Clinic gives free conference on first aid


by: Liliana Danel

Aug 20 2013 -Timberlea Veterinary Clinic (TVC) offered a free conference on Top 10 emergencies and intro to first aid. The speaker of the evening was Dr Amanda Glew. According to TVC more than 60 people attended the conference. Within the those who attended were Montreal Dog Bloggers Terry Price Kimmel and Liliana Danel.

The group was informed about different topics: vaccines, things that companion animals eat, behaviour etc. With the help of a PowerPoint presentation and informative pictures, the crowd was entertained and educated on how to respond to emergencies,  and look after the well being of our beloved fur friends. Questions were asked and Dr. Glew , with her charismatic personality, responded to the public with assertive information.

There were beverages and snacks provided throughout the night as well as first aid kits and products offered for sale with an extra 10% reduction to the price.

This is one of the first conferences on different topics that TCV will hold for the general public. People are invited to ‘Like’ their Facebook page in order to be informed about upcoming events.

On Sept 7, TCV will be present at the Beaconsfield Adoption Fair. Once again, Dr. Amanda Glew will be there to greet people and answer questions. On Sept 29, TCV will hold a training course on First Aid Response. While this course will not be free, a reasonable fee of 65$ will be charged. The price includes a companion animal first aid kit.

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Visit their website to find out more on the beautiful installations and to learn more about the great team of TCV: click here

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  1. You are all very Blessed to have been brought together. Doing ‘what’s right, is often not easy’ but there are those, like yourself, who stay with the course because you KNOW what can happen with the right intent, love and support. You make a difference Suzannah – one paw, one dog, one step at a time!

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