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Depeche Mode, Precious and Dogs

By: Liliana Danel

Sept 4 2013- Depeche Mode is my one and only favorite band. I was at their concert last night and once again they amazed me. I laughed, cried, and even became sad when the concert was over. Each of their songs has a personal meaning for me and in some way each song mark a memory in my lifetime.

Yesterday, it was also the day that it was informed the MAPAQ had called for action and rescued dogs from a breeding facility.

 A friend in New Jersey received an email from Humane Society International Canada, she shared the news that the dogs were being rescued and that the Montreal SPCA and HSI were taking care of them. I learned all of the news before going in to the concert. My husband was not that happy, he had planned a date night he had for us since the day the concert tickets went on sale and I had my nose glued to my phone.

My head was still thinking about the pups and not just the rescued pups that day, but all the other rescue dogs here in Montreal that are saved each day and all the other dogs that still need rescuing. The news of a breeding facility not meeting the standards of MAPAQ is something that should happen each day till there are no more dogs to rescue. The news of a ban of sale of animals is something that I hope to hear or read one day. The dream of no animal needing rescue because all families are to be compassionate guardians is the one dream that I ask for it to come true. Each night I hope for my prayers of not having any more victims of animal cruelty to be answered.

Then, the intro music for the song Precious starts. For sure, I scream out of excitement. Although I like the song, I can accept that it wasn’t one of my favorite Depeche Mode songs because I didn’t relate to it like I feel connected to other of their songs. Martin Gore wrote Precious during his divorce and the song is about what his children must have been going through. Martin is an exceptional artists and he likes for people to find their own meaning to his songs. But during this presentation I truly hope that everyone in the public got the meaning I got. During the song, the huge screen behind the group, showed a video made up of so many different dogs.

I began crying…dogs are precious to me. Maybe Depeche Mode had no idea that there were rescued dogs resting safe while they sang and they probably did not know that they were singing at the North American capital of puppy mills. But once again Depeche Mode made one of their songs important to my life. Precious is now one of my favorite songs.

Here is a video of the concert presentation in Italy.

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  1. Wow, this article captures exactly I feel about DM & how I felt last night (L.A., CA) when they performed PRECIOUS. I love love love love dogs, just love them! Seeing all those beautiful dogs on screen as Dave sang: “Angels with silver wings Shouldn’t know suffering I wish I could take the pain for You,” made me fall more in love with DM and with dogs! And since then, this song has also become of my now favorites!

    • Thank you so very much for reading Wendy. I appreciate very much your comment and believe me when I say the feeling is mutual about the song and DM <3

  2. Since the concert i had this on my mind , that song Precious changed meaning to me, and i didint knew how.
    I read your article and finally i figure out.
    Thank you 🙂

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