Tuesday , 12 December 2017

When our furbabies go to Rainbow Bridge


I know…it comes a day when our furbabies go to Rainbow Bridge. We think about it and we sometimes believe we are ready for it. I do believe there is a place where their angelic souls go to play and rest. A place full of bowls of just treats and no human mommy telling them “Not more…you had enough for today.” It comforts me that there is such magical place.

Yet, although I know this place exists, I find it so difficult to express in the right words how to comfort the tender loving heart of a human mom that has to go through the process of acceptance of the parting of their good friend.

I usually send a card…but that is not enough. I don’t like using the same words that someone else used when a unique furbaby had to go. I am afraid of asking the same questions that others ask and then even make the pain even worse. We know that they are not well…so why do we say, “How are you?”

I feel awkward and I want to try to handle with all the care in the world because I know they hurt.

My friend Suzannah had to say goodbye to little Benjamin. Just a few days before I had shared a beautiful letter she sent to MDB and I worked on a video to try to honor her love and dedication to her lovely pups. When she gave the news that Benjamin was now at Rainbow Bridge it hurt. I still watch the video I made and I see little Ben’s eyes and I go back to that afternoon that I spent with them.

I saw her love and respect for Ben, Eli and little Ellie. The happy trio that would go to mom to be comforted and to play. I had recently seen that bond between the four of them.

No matter what words I would try to say they all seemed wrong. There were no words that could comfort her through the new noise around her home: the sound of silence. She misses Ben and Ben misses her. I can only say that in my heart I know that she loves Ben and all other pups. If there is such thing as a virtual hug… I want her to know that each time she needs… I will be there to send her a hug.


To my dear friend Suzannah <3

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  1. Hello, Mont.DogBlog 🙂

    Just a quick question, if I may:

    Do you know which artist created the Rainbow Bridge image you’ve used in this article?
    Thanks v much!

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