Tuesday , 12 December 2017

Rescues! Be seen in the 2014 Fundraising Calendar!

Rescues get your FREE Banner Ad 

We are offering by lottery a free banner Ad for your rescue group in the 2014 Guardian’s Best Animal Rescue Foundation Calendar.  You can see an example of the ad space at the bottom left, here (click to enlarge):



The Specs 

Your banner submission must be:

  •  5 inches long by 1/2 inch wide
  •  300 dpi
  •  Any images must be hi-resolution. Though, for clarity in this size of space  – it might be best to use text only
  •  There are no rules as to the content.  Some basics you might consider:  your name, website, contact information, perhaps a tagline

The Deadline 

The deadline for any ad submissions is Friday, October 25th at midnight, the same due date for applications for the grant.  Send your completed, properly-sized ad to: admin@guardiansbest.com


The Banner Ad Lottery: 

Banner Ads that will appear in the calendar will be selected by random lottery from all of our submissions! (note: you cannot select the month it will appear)

There will be 3000 copies of the calendar in circulation – and your ad is free!  So, well worth it to send your banner along!

Good luck everyone!

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