Monday , 11 December 2017

I saved your dog last night

The one you abandoned because it was sick. You left her behind without a care, you don’t know that it was me who went to save her. You don’t even know that she is safe now. I don’t think you realize what you did to her that day. You saw vet bills, follow-ups, a sick dog, a burden. I saw gold in her eyes.

I had to make space, I moved the two cats in carriers who were in the same boat as your dog. I put her in the car, she curled up and found her space in between the cat carriers. I had 7 more stops to do before I went home, it was 6pm. The cats were confused and crying, she was whimpering, the car radio was broken, this was my soundtrack. After the last stop at 11pm, I had nowhere to bring her. So she came home with me, back to my tiny apartment, to the displeasure of my 2 dogs. They never appreciate me bringing home new animals. Although at one point they both found themselves in her position, and they both found refuge at mine. Except their refuge at mine turned into being their home, their final and forever homes.

I was exhausted and hungry, as today rescuing these animals was more important than lunch and dinner. But she had not peed since I picked her up, despite walking her in betweens stops. I took her for a walk to the near by park, determined to get her to pee before bed. Every set of stairs we walked by, she tried to go up. Every door we passed, she stared at. Every pedestrian we passed, she reached out to smell, looking for you. Every car that slowed down, she wanted to jump in. She was desperate to find her way home. She has no idea what happened to her, she has no idea that last night her whole life changed. She has no idea that in-fact she is now one of the hundreds of other dogs  in this city, at this moment, who are with out a place to call home, homeless. These dogs will continue to be homeless, as people continue to buy from breeders (where she originally came from) and pet shops instead of adopting. It is a vicious cycle, fuelled by greed and selfish decisions, and thousands of animals are loosing their lives to it. After and hour it was hopeless, she was not going to pee, my dogs were freezing and so was I. So we went home, I figured I would suck it up and take out the mop tomorrow morning. With her bladder infection, I could only imagine waking up to the puddle of pee on my floor when she could no longer hold it over night.

I set her up a comfy corner in my kitchen, with a big blanket, food and water, rawhide to chew on and toys. She would not rest, instead just paced around my kitchen island, refused to eat and wanted nothing to do with toys. She cried all night for you, she has no idea where she is or who I am, how is she expected to sleep? Finally I caved in, and set her up a blanket next to my bed in a bedroom just I can hardly fit in. I pet her sides while she finally began to take deeper breaths and settle in. It was 1am when we feel asleep, only to be woken up bright and early with a loud bark. It was time for her to go pee, and she was letting me know.

She ate her breakfast this morning, or at least some of it. She wagged her tail for the first time, she kissed me back when I kissed her forehead and let her know everything will be okay. I let her know she is in good hands now, I promised her I will provide any medical attention she needs. I will give her any treatments needed to make her better. I promised her, I will find her a better home than she has ever experienced. I promised her, this is the last time in her life she will ever be abandoned. This is the last time in her life that she will be homeless.

She has been bounding around my apartment all morning with her new favourite toy. Her eyes are brighter, her head is held higher. She knows, everything will be okay. She knows today is the first day of a whole new, better life.

*The dog mentioned in this post will be for adoption through Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue when she is ready for that next step.

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  1. Oh my heart. I love this post. I am so grateful to people like you who are able to do what you do. My family and I are in the process of finding a pet that will fit our dynamic (my son has Autism) and currently have our eye and some emails into a rescue only an hour or so away.
    HUGS to you and all you do!!!

  2. Wow, With tears in my eyes, i thank god someone like you found her.

    I love my Dog more evryday.


  3. teary eyed, this is so accurate. they never deserve what they go through. never. every shelter/rescue dog has a story, and every one deserves to be rescued for life.

  4. i work at a vet clinic and see the same story everyday. my collegues and I are constantly taking animals home that would have been euthanised for things as simple as infections or injuries caused by their owners. It’s hard to see how frequently people view animals as expendable objects.

  5. Really amazing… brought tears to my eyes too. I to love my dog more and more every day… that innocent and pure love we get from them is truly priceless!

  6. Caroline and her team are truly an inspiration to all animal lovers!

  7. I’m crying as I read this. My husband and I adopted two dogs (litter mates) from the SPCA in January. They had been given up by their previous family for reasons that I can’t understand. They were very nervous and anxious when we first brought them home and refused to eat. One even had to spend time at the hospital for a stomach condition. They are beautiful and sweet and have now settled in to a happy and comfortable life. We will never give them up. I have promised them that they will never have to go through being abandoned again.

    There are so many animals needing to be adopted. They may have been through some tough times and may need patience, but all they want is love. They’re definitely worth it.

  8. very touching story that many who work with rescues and fostering have to deal with. Glad another life was saved!

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