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The Montreal SPCA rescues 11 dogs and 77 cats from two inspection cases





Montreal, October 7, 2013 – According to a press release given out by The Montreal SPCA, there are 88 dogs and cats that are safe and on their road towards a happy life. The Montreal SPCA conducted two important rescues of animals that were the subject of cruelty investigations. The owners of the animals surrendered them in order to evade any charges on “alleged” animal cruelty.

The Montreal SPCA 27, 2013, obtained the custody of 11 Huskies from the owner on Monteregie area. The dogs range from 1 to 11 year-old, and were used for recreational sled dog activities in the winter. They dogs spent part of their lifes chained to dilapidated dog houses. The tips of their ears have been badly bitten by flies and the Montreal SPCA is providing care for these injuries. The dogs are said to be friendly, but they have never lived indoors and will require homes that can provide them with love, patience and exercise. The Huskies have all been evaluated: two are now available for adoption at the Montreal SPCA, three were entrusted to the Laurentides-Labelle SPCA and the remaining six dogs will eventually be available for adoption through the Montreal SPCA or one of the rescues we work with once they overcome their shyness. The Montreal SPCA is working on their socialization and leash walking skills and will be looking for foster who are willing to work with them.

On Oct 3, 2013, 77 cats  were rescued form a hoarding situation. A person who started with good intentions by caring for unwanted cats became quickly overwhelmed and decided to do the right thing by signing all the cats over to the Montreal SPCA. Montreal SPCA is  providing veterinary care and socialization. The cats will be available for adoption or foster after they are evaluated and treated.

Once these dogs and cats become available for adoption, the Montreal SPCA will let the public know through their website and Facebook page.

The Montreal SPCA would like to remind the public that if you witness any incident of cruelty or animal neglect, please report it to the Montreal SPCA inspection service.

You can leave us a message at: (514) 735-2711 ext. 2230, or send us an email at inspection@spcamontreal.com.

In case of emergency, please call (514) 735-2711, extension 0.

All complaints and treat them confidentially.







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