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Actress Patricia Tulasne for Montreal Mayor!


By: Liliana Danel

Patricia Tulasne has presented herself as running for the position of Mayor in the City of Montreal. The Municipal Elections take place on Nov 3, 2013. Almost a month away, Tulasne has presented the plan of action that she will adopt if elected as a Mayor.
She is known as the strong woman giving a voice to those that have none. She empathizes with all living creatures: Human and non-human. She carries herself with grace, poise and more than anything; she has her mind directed into changing Montreal into being a better city to live in. She is funding her own campaign and she delegates with transparency.  THINK, ACT, REINVENT MONTREAL is her slogan.

“It is a long-term vision that takes into account the relationships of the environmental, social and economic dimensions in its developmental activities.”

Her plan of action is the following:

  1. Executing a campaign without funding – transparent approach
  2. Include citizen participation in all aspects of activities of the City
  3. Establish a platform for improving sustainable development in all aspects of public services for today and the days of tomorrow.
  4. Ensure ethics and transparency practices in all budget items of Montreal City Hall.
  5. Fight against wastage of public funds
  6. Freeze property taxes for the 2014 assessment roll
  7. Manage in an informed and ethical manner the city’s animal control
  8. Optimize public transportation, traffic and parking
  9. Make a clean Montreal City
  10. Make Montreal a safe and friendly city.
  11. Promote the cultural sector and ensure its influence not only internationally, but also locally.
  12. Take steps to make Montreal an open gateway to the future for eco friendly design while still respecting the Old World charm of the city.

Ms. Tulasne is a woman that listens and takes the time to comprehend what is explained to her and she always sees a way to get involved and help with the cause of others. Montrealers need a change. No more deceptions and no more deceiving leaders. Ms. Tulasne is a promising choice to elect as Mayor.

As a Montreal Dog Blog Blogger I support Ms. Tulasne on her campaign. She has been with us during the protests against the cruelty of Berger Blanc. She has been there at protests against the gas chambers. She is always there to give her voice at protests for animals. That is how I met her and I am blessed to call her a friend.
We have been hearing many promises and projects from other campaigners that in my personal opinion  do not make sense! Spend money on a Tram…when our problem of animal cruelty and abandonment should be one of the priorities! We have not heard anything relevant to animal welfare from the candidates! It is not in their thoughts and it is not a priority. The current government has a plan for an animal control center that also includes a petting zoo…how is that relevant to what this city needs?
There are potholes in the city that are likely to be black holes that suck in whatever is within their reach and swallow them whole. The snow removal, the sewage and other main responsibilities of the city are absent from their great agenda. Why promise new things when the old problems are yet to be fixed?
On an article from Maclean’s,  by Martin Patriquin , quoted Daniel Gill, a professor of urbanism at Université de Montréal. “Montreal is a lot like its hockey team. Les Canadiens were once great, but they haven’t won the Stanley Cup in a long time. Likewise, we are becoming just an ordinary city as a result, not the international city we once were.”

Therefore, the initiative of Ms. Tulasne is to change this image of a beaten and corrupted city. Montreal is the city that I fell in love with because of the different cultures and the hope for progress. Sadly I live in Laval and I cannot but for Ms. Tulasne. It is up to Montrealers to make the choice for change. VOTE. You have a privilege denied to so many in other parts of the world. VOTE to bring change and reinvent Montréal. VOTE for Patricia Tulasne.

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