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Projet Montreal responds about animal welfare on Twitter

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By Liliana Danel

After sending out a tweet asking Projet Montreal about what they are willing to do for animals, I got a quick and assertive response. They have it included in their agenda…but in my personal opinion there is nothing different than what we have right now. Empty promises with not much action.

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Here they are:


a ) Create a public animal-services centre for the City of Montreal, equipped with a sterilization clinic

My response: We have been waiting for that since the scandal of cruelty of Berger Blanc. Equipped with sterilization clinic. GOOD! But does that mean they will pay for the sterilization of the stray animals too and place them for adoption and have the hope of a NO KILL animal service center or will it be just for people that can afford the service and forget stray animals? I cannot find anywhere where it says that the sale of companion animals from pet stores will be banned like our friends of Toronto did. It is without a doubt illogical to keep fixing and fixing animals without putting a stop to the sale of animals. OH! I forgot..that there is a group of vets that ganged up together saying that by banning the sale of animals will not help at all (Association vétérinaire québécoise de médecine de refuge (AVQMR) ). So many other cities and countries get the idea of banning the sale of animals…but I just do not see the logical point of this so-called group of vets. I guess they fear they will have fewer clients…and I guess that will mean less money.


b ) Encourage responsible treatment of animals by creating regulations on sterilization and microchip identification

My response: People need to be more than encouraged.  The city does not need a  team of cheerleaders with pompons to promote what is right. The city needs action and deserves to be encouraged with a concrete solution that has been a problem in the city for so many years! By adding bylaws that are vague, there is no chance of keeping control of them. Will we have a pooch and kitty police checking with their Chip guns to see if they are not breaking the law?


c ) Oppose capture-and-euthanize tactics, which are both cruel and inefficient

My response: Does that mean no more “euthanizing” animals because of lack of space? Does it include wildlife that is captured and killed after being caught in traps like the Montreal coyotes next to the train tracks?


d ) Propose and support municipal bylaws requiring sterilization of all dogs, cats and rabbits sold in pet stores or given for adoption.

My response: I propose many things…does not mean that people will listen. Pet stores? What about backyard breeders?


e) Reduce the number of unsterilized animals in residential buildings

My response: I guess there will be a Pooch and Kitty Police going from door to door scanning for chips and checking bellies. This is just redundant and they just wanted to add an extra line to their proposal! It is obvious that if letter B takes place…then letter E will be covered. Basically, it is the same thing as B but in different words.


f ) Propose and support municipal legislation encouraging responsible behaviour towards animals

My response: How can they propose responsible behaviour if they are not able to be responsible enough to call for a ban of the sale of animals.


g ) Propose and support municipal by-laws promoting public safety and preventing dog bites, with no regard to a dog’s breed or appearance

My response: Great to read about no BSL in Montreal! That is good! I guess they want to have PSAs and campaigns promoting how to approach a dog so people will not get bitten.


h ) Improve buggy horses’ well-being, notably through regulations on shelter and security.

My response: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! The caleche needs to be banned! Their well-being is not pulling people around in traffic. So many cities through out the world have banned the caleche rides. Projet Montreal wants to continue exploiting horses. This is the icing on the cake. If Projet Montreal does not have the compassion on ending the caleche rides…something that is easier to achieve than any of the other points above…what makes us think that they will get anything done for the rest of the animal problems in Montreal.

Sorry Projet Montreal. You get my thumbs down for all your ideas except the no to BSL by-laws and a HUGE thumbs down for the TRAM idea..

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