Thursday , 23 November 2017

Collars Not Cruelty campaign


By: Liliana Danel

Nanners, Shenna and I support the Collars Not Cruelty campaign by the WSPA Canada. The goal of a simple red collar is to raise awareness and important funds to support the WSPA’s work and urges communities around the world to choose collars and not cruelty in the fight against rabies.


In many countries (even Canada) the government uses the excuse of killing animals due to the fear of rabies and other diseases. According to the WSPA, twenty million dogs are brutally killed every year. We recently heard of the case of LOKI the stray dog of Hay River in the North West Territory. LOKI was saved from death,  but other stray dogs will face a certain death by being shot as a form of animal control and because of fear of diseases. In Canada it is very common to have “shoot the dogs” day.


I lived in Mexico City, a place where the streets are full of stray dogs. Unfortunately, in Mexico, most dogs die by electrocution at animal control centers. People are never kind to strays, and they always see them as dirty and as a plague. It’s not the animals’ fault for being abandoned…yet the people do not make the commitment to help.


We are all aware of the massacre going on in Romania at the moment. The WSPA estimates that Romania has 500,000-600,000 stray dogs. On Sept 25 2013, the Constitutional Court of Romania authorized the mass killing of Romania’s stray dogs.The law declares that any stray and roaming dog are to be rounded up en masse and detained in shelters, causing severe overcrowding and associated problems of hygiene, stress and fighting amongst the anxious dogs. If the dogs are not claimed or adopted within this too short window of hope, they will be killed.


Due to many other situations around the world animals are dying just because of the lack of vaccination. The WSPA estimates that each year 55,000 people die from rabies — a 100% preventable disease. It has been proven that the killing of dogs does not stop rabies. Only through widespread dog vaccination it has been scientifically proven to stop it long-term.


“Through the Collars Not Cruelty campaign, WSPA works with local partners and authorities to stop the killing of dogs and instead set up vaccination clinics. The dogs are vaccinated against rabies and given a bright red collar so the community knows these dogs are safe; preventing them from being killed and protecting everyone from rabies.’


At the moment the WSPA has vaccination clinics in Sri Lanka, Latin America, Bali, and across Bangladesh. One of the many victories of the WSPA is the partnership with the Bangladesh government on a national action plan to get rid of rabies across the country and with this achieve the end of killing of dogs due to rabies. They are also having vaccination programs in the Philippines and Indonesia working with the Global Alliance for Rabies Control and National Governments.


How can you help and show your support?


Share the message and choose Collar No Cruelty! Join the fight against rabies and support WSPA and their work that protects dogs from cruelty and abuse. 

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