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French animal activist Maxime Ginolin in Montreal speaking against puppy mills



By: Liliana Danel

Montreal- The animal advocacy organization SPA Canada sent out an official press release to media outlets informing of a stunt protest taking place Downtown Montreal on Monday Oct 21 2013 at noon. The location of the protest took place at the corner of McGill College Avenue and Sainte-Catherine Street. According to SPA Canada, “French animal advocate singer/songwriter Maxime Ginolin will be at the location as MagiCJacK and pregnant women will be participating in the stunt.” SPA Canada confirms that the objective of the protest is for Kijiji to stop selling dogs that are bred in puppy mills.”

“We wish to raise awareness regarding the inhumane conditions in which captive puppy mill dogs live,” explains Gabriel Villeneuve, Director of SPA Canada. The group will be launching their new website www.kijijicruelty.com. Villeneauve said that the site reveals the horrors that animals are exposed to on a daily basis behind puppy mill doors all around Canada. “Behind a cute little puppy there are thousands of breeding dogs living in despicable conditions.”

Maxime Ginolin is the creator of the character MagiCJacK. He describes his persona as an imaginary character, that evolves in a film universe close to the aesthetics of Tim Burton and the ultra-violence of Stanley Kubric.” MagiCJacK fights against racism, sexism, specism and homophobia. He struggles for the rights of children, animals and women, and for the protection of Earth.

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