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Marilyn Dickie’s ‘With Hope They Waited’ is testimony of love for animal rescue



By: Liliana Danel

Ontario – With Hope They Waited is a book that will reach the core of your soul and make you feel what the love and respect for animal rescue is truly about. The book is based on true events that happened during the summer of 2010 in Cochrane, Ontario. A man who would take abandoned dogs from town and a tragedy brought together people that are now bonded by the effort and love of trying to rescue over 100 dogs.

A journey on the Polar Express and in pictures, the book takes the reader on a ride where it makes it easy to immerse him or herself in the story. The book is made up of anecdotes, true accountings and vivid memories of the people that participated in this huge effort. Several of the anecdotes express that just by listening to the reports from the news media made them realize that their heart was with the need to rescue animals. The dogs of a man named The Dogman needed help and rescue. The Dogman provided a solution to the town’s unwanted dogs that he would often find tied up at poles as a sign for him to take them.

Mainly grass roots local rescue groups accomplished saving more than 60 dogs and were able to raise over $15,000 in order to pay all the necessities of the dogs. The Ontario Northland Railway (ONR) played an important part in the rescue effort. Thanks to their generosity, the rescuers and dogs had a way of transportation and a train boxcar to help protect themselves from predators and the rainy days.

Marilyn writes about the power of social media and how people use it constructively in order to save lives. The social media site of Facebook continues to be a venue for the rescues to talk about their dogs and “hang out”. It was clear how the Internet and social media facilitated saving the lives of these dogs that ended up in the lives of those that saved them.

“My hope is that this story will inspire others in what ever degree of involvement fits to make a commitment of time and responsibility to better the welfare of our animal companions.” Marilyn Dickie

One hundred percent of the profits raised from the sale of the book With Hope They Waited will be donated to non-profit animal rescues in Ontario. Marilyn also includes follow-up stories of more than 30 dogs that were rescued and now have adapted to their new families.

It was surprising to read about people that had never been involved in rescue, who now dedicate their life to advocate for the well-being of animals. Discovering the journey of animal rescue and what it means to rescue and adopt an animal was a new experience for many of the people involved. Reading how the Mile 26 dogs changed their life is not just inspiring but also very moving to see how the love of a dog is capable of changing humans.

This book will make you cry, smile and sometimes I even caught myself saying “YAY” out loud while reading the pages. Marilyn’s writing, the pictures, the letters, the names of the dogs and the Polar Express will inspire anyone to become involved in animal rescue and see how animals are sentient beings with emotions and traumas that need humans to be their guardians and promise to protect them the way they protect and respect their guardian. The book is about a community, and although many did not know each other, they worked together and finished the mission and dream of The Dogman.

There were several organizations involved in the mission of rescuing the Mile 26 dogs. These are the four main rescues at the site:

  • Northern Ontario Animal Welfare Society
  • Animal Rescue of Kapuskasing
  • Pet Save Sudbury
  • Moosonee Puppy Rescue

These are some of the rescues that took in the dogs and help them find a home:

  • All Heart Pet Rescue
  • Clarington Animal Shelter
  • Timmins & District Humane Society.

To order the book or get any information please send an email to Marilyn Dickie:


Book Price $20 + postage.
Remember that a100% of all profits donated back to animal rescue.

To join the original Save The Dogs at Mile 26 on Facebook, CLICK HERE and go back in time and see the wonderful support received during the rescue effort and see pictures of the mission.

Marilyn Dickie
Marilyn Dickie

Video to celebrate the release of With Hope They Waited

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