Tuesday , 12 December 2017

9 month old pure bred Persian needs a home ASAP!




Oct 29 2013 – Update on Kitty! Thank you so very much to all that shared! Animal Adoption Montreal will take her in! She now needs to find a ride from Lachute to Jean Talon & Decarie. Please contact Joanne Bruyere Nassar: Email: J.nassar@live.com


Courtesy Listing! Please Contact Joanne Bruyere Nassar  for more details on this little girl.  She is 9 months old, declawed and  spayed pure bred persian cat . Sadly her owner decided to have her euthanized this Monday because she pees on couch. If you have experience with cats and you would like to give her a home please contact Joanne. 

Email: J.nassar@live.com



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  1. She most likely has a Urinary Tract Infection, easily treatable!

  2. thats great that the kitty is safe and found a good rescue group but the least that Joanne B. Nassar could do is inform all those ppl and rescues that contacted her either by email or through FB trying to help her out and not leaving them hanging without a word… in my opinion its rude..!!

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