Wednesday , 17 January 2018

Urgent! HSI Canada needs Fleece and bedding for the pups!

HSI Canada

Hey MDBrs! Liliana here! Our friends at HSI Canada need some help! Not that long ago, they rescued 80 Huskies from horrible conditions in Abittibi. Right now, they are seeking your support and are in need of fleece blankets and bedding for the puppy section of the Emergency Shelter. Ewa Demianowicz, HSI Canada Campaigner, sends the following message:

Our rescued dogs are still in the shelter and staff and dedicated volunteers are taking care

of them every day. However, because of parasites and viruses, we had to isolate our two sections

to avoid contamination between our maternity building and our adult dogs building.

This means we are no longer able to clean our fleece and bedding in the maternity section,

since our washing machine is in the other building!

For this reason we are desperately looking for donations of fleece and bedding which will

be used in our maternity section. We are also in need of paper towels.

Donations can be dropped of in our offices, located at 460 Sainte-Catherine W.

#506, between 9am and 5pm.

Thank you MDBrs for your  kindness.

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