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Helping Blackie and helping her family



About a month ago, MDB posted about the bloggers using  the “Paw it Forward 2013” money to help different local animal organizations. We were all given the chance to donate 550$ to those that help our society’s furryfriends. This time, I was given the honor to help 5 non-for profits. One of the beneficiaries of  2013 was Best Friends Spay Neuter Clinic. They provide spay and neuter services at reasonable prices . And although it is affordable services… it is not always easy for a family to have their companion animals sterilized. After Best Friends learned that they were receiving a donation, Suzannah J Vanson sent an email explaining about a family that was in true need of this money in order to help their female pup named Blackie. Today I received another letter.  I wanted to share the letter with all of our MDB readers because it is thanks to our readers and sponsors that Best Friends Clinic was able to help out Blackie. Thank you Best Friends Spay Neuter Clinic for helping out Blackie’s family.


-Liliana Danel.


Here is the letter by Best Friends Spay Neuter Clinic:



It was an honour at Best Friends Spay Neuter clinic to receive from Liliana of Montreal Dog Blog, part of an amount of dollars that she distributed among several groups and organizations.

There were so many persons and animals in need of spay neuter with owners or rescues that were very low on funds.

A lot of thought went into where this money would be used, but in the end, the answer was simple.

Dr Amanda Glew was aware of a family in great need struck by very difficult times. We will call the owner’s family “Blackies family”, after the name of the dog.

The owner, “Mr. Blackie” came to Canada for a better life for his kids. He works very hard, a minimum of 12 hours a day doing at times heavy manual labor. They got a family dog, and were thrilled to have little Blackie. They were going to have her fixed around 8-9 months of age, but just before that time, his wife was suddenly diagnosed with an aggressive form of ovarian cancer. His wife was then no longer able to work. Finances became very difficult and the owner basically works seven days a week to keep everything going.

Dr Glew had offered to give little Blackie all her care at cost, free if need be, but the owner had a great deal of pride. He always said, “When I have time”.

The dog has brought great comfort to his family, especially the mother. She would lay with her owner, as she sat on the bathroom floor feeling ill from chemo, never leaving her side. The daughter and mother are extremely close to the dog.

One day little Blackie went into heat, and Mr. Blackie was a little befuddled at having to get sanitary pads for his dog. It was hard not to laugh as he described his feeling buying “kotex” at the pet store. Blackie needs to be fixed!

Dr Glew asked “what about helping this family with the funds, would he accept the help”. That day Suzannah who knows the family personally spoke to the owner and said, ” A donation has been made to help a deserving family who needs help with spay neuter and care for their dog, would you accept this”. He stood there with his face trembling and said he yes.

Arrangements were made, and little Blackie came in…with the whole family who were terrified…would their precious pup be ok? After many assurances and explanations, Blackie was taken into the clinic, and received the care she needed. At one point the receptionist came to the back and said to Suzannah ” the daughter is at the front desk crying”…She was reassured the dog was fine, and the family was seated In one of the consultation rooms and Blackie was brought to them to be cuddled and loved.

Of course, this family is particularly close to their dog, as they see it as a link to their mother who is very ill. She provides joy and laughter and normality in the home. She is everyone’s friend and it was a truly rewarding feeling to help this family, and know that their dog was taken care of, a dog that is very much needed to stay healthy and well, for the family.

The only complaint the owner had was hearing from Dr Glew that his beloved Blackie was fat…Fat…she is not fat…um yes she is really fat…ok Chubby…the daughter admits that they “eat together”.

Postoperativly, the dog has done very well, and while she is still “eating with the family”…they are feeding her vegetables as her “snacks” and she is already losing weight…note to all dog owners who say spaying a dog makes them fat…. actually over feeding dogs makes them fat…and Blackie now spayed, is losing weight. We wish her a long happy life.

Thank you to all at Montreal Dog Blog and Liliana. You have made a difference in this family’s life.



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