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Book launch of “We Animals” by Jo-Anne McArthur

by: Liliana Danel

1618472_10153830813900422_762302123_nMontreal – On Feb 25 2014, Canadian activist and award-winning photojournalist, Jo-Anne McArthur will be in Montreal to present her book We Animals . The event will take place at l’Ile Noire on St-Denis Street, near Berri UQAM metro station. Jo-Anne will do a few short readings from the book, and will be selling and signing books for those interested. The launch will take place from 5 to 8pm.

Many Quebec activists have used pictures taken by Jo-Anne during protests. Her iconic images are hard to ignore and difficult to forget. Joanne Beauchemin from Respect Animal and Massacre Animal has used several of Jo-Anne’s pictures to help create her website, banners and posters for activists to have as visuals during protests. Massacre Animal is the only web portal in Quebec that provides activists with printing material in English and French.

“It’s a great privilege to be able to use her photographs in my own work for the animals and I can’t thank her enough for her generosity” explains Joanne. She says to respect Jo-Anne’s love and dedication for animals. She is inspired by the young photographer’s quest for telling the truth about animal cruelty. “She has the courage to do what most people wouldn’t dare to do by visiting some very dark places and educating the world about the unthinkable with her photos, her knowledge and her heart.”

Quebec’s writer and journalist, Elise Desaulniers, is organizing and hosting the We Animals book launch. She is the author of Vache à lait: Dix mythes de l’industrie laitière (“Milk Cow: Ten Myths of the Dairy Industry”) and Je mange avec ma tête: Les conséquences de nos choix alimentaires (“I Eat With My Head: The Consequences of Our Dietary Choices”).

Jo-Anne visited the city last year to help promote the documentary The Ghosts in Our Machine,  in which she is the protagonist. The documentary was directed by Award winning director Liz Marshall. It gave people an inside look at all the effort it took to put together the We Animals book.


To visit the Facebook Event Click Here

Jo-Anne’s book will be for sale at $40 each. Cash, check (made out to Jo-Anne McArthur) and paypal at (for those who have cell phones) will be accepted, but no credit cards. You can also send an e-transfer to

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