Tuesday , 12 December 2017

Time to Make a Change?


Last week, the Animal Legal Defense Fund celebrated their 6th National Justice for Animals Week in an effort to raise awareness about animal welfare and encourage people to take action and get involved. But why wait for an observance holiday to make a choice?

The power is in your hands to take action and vote with your dollar. That means adopting an animal at your local rescue, instead of shopping at a pet store, it can also mean reading labels and making sure what you buy is cruelty-free.

The truth is that animals are confined in cages for breeding and are used to test our favourite shampoo, lipstick, cologne and cream. Still today, still in Canada.

Every dollar we spend tells companies the direction they should take in the products and services they deliver to us – the consumer. That’s one of the most powerful tools at our disposal and it doesn’t have to mean a huge lifestyle change.  We are creatures of habit who are set in our ways, but most of the time its as easy as buying another product on the shelf in the same store you frequent anyway. Isn’t it great to try something new?

A recent article published in All Animals magazine, Do You Know How Your Mascara is Made?, goes in-depth on the global campaign to end animal testing. Most importantly, it outlines the small steps we can take to make the world a better place for the animals we love.

Let’s use this week as a catalyst for action, and change the fate of animals used for testing in Canada. Because after all, almost everything we use has a cruelty-free alternative right at your fingertips. How hard can it be?

As a true optimist, I am determined in believing that the reason animals still endure suffering is because people don’t have all the facts – and I am convinced that we can affect change one person at a time, one purchase at a time. Think about it: every dollar you spend on cruelty-free products is one dollar less for an industry that you don’t support!







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