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Canada bans pig gestation crates



March 6, 2014 – According to a press release by Humane Society International/Canada (HSI), the pork industry has adopted the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Pigs. This new adopted practice calls for a ban on the confining of pregnant sows in gestation creates. The torturous crates limit animals from moving.

The Code of Practice asks for facilities built after July 1, 2014 to use group-housing systems for pregnant sows.

Sayara Thurston, campaign manager with HSI/Canada, stated: “This is a watershed moment for farm animals in Canada and throughout North America. It signals the beginning of the end of archaic, extreme confinement systems that consumers simply don’t support and which other countries have long-since banned. There is still much advancement needed to improve the welfare of pigs raised on Canadian farms, but this Code of Practice is a monumental first step.”

The AGECO group performed a study of the economic value of implementing new animal welfare standards. According to the results, society is demanding that industries try to alleviate the misery of animals that are raised for food. Consumers believe that the amelioration of housing of the animals gives an opportunity towards evolution of the relationship that they have with their food. Sadly, industries that exploit and slaughter animals see it as profit.  The report states:

“Given the strong market trend against the use of gestation stalls, adopting the
Code of Practice appears to be a step that the Canadian pork industry should take in order to remain economically viable in the long run”

What this means is that they see it as a profitable business move. Showing compassion increases sales. They want to expand the “business” to countries that have not improved their welfare standards and make a profit.

The Humane Society is correct and we should be proud of these new standards for farm animals. We should also think and realize that the only way we prevent any suffering is by changing our diet.  The fear of being killed, and the stench of death in a slaughterhouse, cannot be masked or altered. The industries do listen to the polls and want to make consumers happy. Therefore, if the industry sees that people are no longer consuming animals, then there will be no point of housing and abusing animals till they become a meal.

For more information of adopting a cruelty free diet: Click Here


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