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Montreal will host the second annual SCAS Conference 2014


From March 28 till March 30 of 2014, the Students for Critical Animal Studies (SCAS) will be hosting in Montreal, the second annual SCAS Conference 2014. According to Christiane Bailey, member of SCAS, the weekend event is “a three-day international conference featuring a variety of presentations and workshops by students, professors, and activists on the topic of the oppression, liberation, and representation of nonhuman animals.”

The event’s program includes twenty-seven presentations and a protest that will take place on March 29. SCAS 2014 will be open to those interested in attending the different presentations. They will also be streamed online for free through the worldwide web thanks to Michael Sizer. This gives accessibility to those not present at the conference the chance to continue learning about how others are active for animals and how to get involved.

“It is an interdisciplinary conference devoted to understanding and fighting the oppression of all, human beings and other animals.” Christiane Bailey.

Here are some highlights of the conference:

  • Lauren Corman She teaches in the first program of Critical Animals Studies in the Sociology department of Brock University and who recently wrote a chapter in the book « Defining Critical Animal Studies » (Peter Lang, 2014).
  • Chloë Taylor – (Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Alberta) specialist of Foucault and animal ethics will talk about zoophilia.
  • John Sanbonmatsu – (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, author of Critical Theory and Animal Liberation, 2011) will talk about the challenges facing animal liberationists who aren’t only trying to change people’s diet or extend legal protections to other animals, but to transform the economic, social “existential” basis of human civilization as such.
  • Elinor Lloyd – University of Warwick (UK) will talk about the relationships between child and nonhumans in violent homes. This topic will also be developed by Yaffa Elling, a social worker at danslarue.org., who will be talking about the link between animal abuse and domestic violence.
  • Valéry Giroux, the first PhD in Animal Ethics in Quebec, will be talking about extending the right to liberty to all sentient beings.
  • Salome Pollet, from France, will speak about alternative to animal testing.

Other topics includes: strategy for advocacy for other animals, animal sanctuaries, distributive justice for animals, veganism and moral psychology, the vegan revolution in Israel and much more.

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Location of the event

Leacock Building – McGill University

845 rue Sherbrooke St. W, Montreal, Quebec H3A 0G4

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