Sunday , 10 December 2017

Happy Gotcha Day Rouky!


Time does fly!  We celebrated the very first ‘Gotcha Party’ for little Rouky. A ‘Gotcha Party’ is when families celebrate the day an adopted furfriend is welcomed  into the family.  Most of the time people that adopt animals do not have a way to know when is their actual day of birth. Since we don’t have any information on Rouky’s past…we celebrated his first ever ‘Gotcha Day.’A year ago, we found a little doggie in a shopping cart. If you did not read the blog about the day Rouky was rescued click here to read.

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Today, Rouky still lives right next door. My neighbour, Ginette,told me that it seems that thanks to Rouky we became closer. And it is true, because of the pup, we opened up to have longer conversations…not just the traditional “hello” and “goodbye”. It was by coincidence that the day I asked Ginette and her husband to become foster parents it was the same day as her birthday.

Because of that, now Rouky and Ginnete celebrate the same “birthday”. I truly wanted for Rouky’s ‘Gotcha Day’ to be special day for him and his family. I got him a pup-cake and he got to have a play date with my furbabies Nanenrs and Shenna.

It is so amazing that I get to live next to this little dog. Each day I see him,  gives me hope for the so many animals that are waiting for a family to come and adopt them. His family gives me peace of mind. There are still good people wanting to do amazing things in this world. IMG_2500

Do you celebrate ‘Gotcha Day’ for your adoptive Furbaby? Leave a comment!


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