Thursday , 23 November 2017

Buddy and Jax are looking for a temporary foster home.

10917863_791695154200848_3385386923938173253_nBuddy is a mix Pit/Boxer  and his brother Jax  is a Rottweiler. Due to a family emergency, their human is looking for a foster home for them. She will need to be out of the country for  needed for one month. She will provide the foster home food and treats. The house must have a fenced yard  and no young children. Both are calm in their home but they need daily exercise. They need to be taken for walks and no dog parks. They live with 2 cats and they get along very well. They are No aggression issues but need time to warm up to others. Jax does growl a lot but doesn’t bite. They are not barkers and both are house trained. Foster needs to be patient and must live in Laval or Montreal area. Please contact Filomena at She will be happy to answer any questions.

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