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Product Review: Ceva Diffusers

Purple and soft grey clouds of bubbles surround you. Embraced by the smell of sweet vanilla and magnolias, a figure in pink approaches. You know this energy so you follow the rose coloured silhouette. The both of you are skimming the tops of the bubbly clouds next to sea turtles singing classics from Astrid Gilburto. Suddenly you both stop as the turtles continue on their way. The sky opens to a blast of golden light. You look up as your face meets the rush of wet.

Everything goes dark and you open your eyes. You’re in bed lying on your side. The sun is coming up. You really are enjoying how this new apartment catches the morning light. You look at the clock on your nightstand. 06:47am. You slide your arm over to hit the alarm button. No need for it since you’re up now. As you reach over and hit the button you smell it. Ammonia. You furrow your brow in confusion and rest your head on the other pillow as you meet the smell.

Wakie wakie.

Cats. Sometimes we really wonder why we have them as pets. Overly sensitive, moody, vindictive, selfish and incredibly charismatic. Very simply, cats win us over by being assholes.

Robbin Williams defined them best:

I love Robbin Williams. Dude was the best. Such a shame.

Anyway, behavioural problems breed anxiety for not only the animal but those living with the animal. It’s like a tautology of anxiety.

So okay, your beloved pet has started some unwanted habits. You’ve ruled out any type of health complication with your vet and now you’re aware that your dealing with behavioural problems. You’ve come to the conclusion that it must have to deal with the recent move into your new apartment.

Basically, your cat is pissed (literally) that you didn’t consult with them before the move. So rude 😉

And now your feline has territorial issues and is pissing on your bed throw pillows. It doesn’t make sense to you but it makes perfect sense to them.

Interesting fact: if you googled ‘cat behavioural problems’ right now I promise you you’d get a hell of a link selection on the most random and bizarre theories and concoctions to repel naughty behaviour. And they wouldn’t necessarily be bullocks because there really isn’t a magic formula that works for all.

That’s right. Most solutions are trial and error adjusted to the specific animal to include both biological and environmental shifts. Personality goes a long way.

There is one product though that I really do think is worth checking out if your pet is displaying behavioural problems and those are Ceva diffusers.





Ceva. Ceva manufacturers pheromone diffusers, Adaptil and Feliway (think Febreeze Plug-In), aimed for pets exhibiting behavioural problems.


I first heard of Ceva diffusers years ago when a vet tech friend decided to try it out for her animals for when she travels. Though Adaptil didn’t relax her shelties as she had hoped, Feliway did work well for her cats.

And more recently my coworker, Vanessa, started having issues with marking on a sofa by her live-in love, Tazz. Tazz is a three year old three legged domestic cat.

Once Vanessa had ruled out any health concerns she realized that Tazz was likely suffering from stress related to moving preparations. In order to help with Tazz’s moving stress and save a sofa my coworker started using Feliway. The first 48 hours it worked. After 72 some pee showed up. But then 72 bourse passed again with no marking. But then there was another incident.

So one day while picking up some supplies at Mondou she decided to speak with a young woman stocking shelves. She explained Tazz’s activities and the woman suggested citrus spray recipe to help detour Tazz and remove that ammonia smell from the sofa.

My coworker had cleaned the sofa repeatedly but with products that contained ammonia.

Something I learned and thought was pretty neat was that most cleaning products have ammonia in them so when you clean up a marking mess it does clean and smell clean but our noses are nothing in comparison to animals. So what the animals smell when you clean up is a new ammonia smell, *mammal translation: OMG SOME OTHER QUADRUPED IS CHALLENGING MY TERRITORY.

Animals take that ammonia product you used to clean their marking as a threat. Ergo, by using a citrus based spray after you clean the mess you remove the ammonia and the possibility of more spraying since you are removing the ammonia message.

That was the trick that helped Tazz. It was a combination of both biological and environmental.

Here’s Vanessa’s and Tazz’s story as told by Vanessa ~

“I first started using it (Feliway) while I was still living at my moms. Tazz’s issue was spraying\peeing on the couches for several months prior to the move. I saw results the same week I plugged in the Feliway diffuser except; at first I plugged it in the room she was having her accidents but I noticed that was not working so after reading the leaflet in the Feliway box I learned that it has to be plugged in the room she spends most of her time for best results. Once I did that I noticed it worked a lot better.

1 week before I moved I plugged the Feliway in my new home to give the pheromones a chance to circulate the house. I plugged it in the biggest room of the house (the kitchen) since I did not know where she would be spending most of her time.

It took about 2-3 days for her to feel comfortable and now she spends a lot of her time in the kitchen where the Feliway is still plugged. She hasn’t had a single accident and I can say she is a completely different cat ever since I moved.

I mainly tried the Feliway for the spraying\peeing on couches but there are several other benefits I noticed from using it. She was always scared and hiding at my old house and now she is always out unless theres a loud noise like the vacuum. She’s much more affectionate than before and I can tell she’s much calmer and comfortable in her space. I also noticed that she started grooming herself which is something I never saw her do on a regular basis.

Criticisms: A little pricey (about $60 for the starter kit) but then you can just buy the refills. The refills are very small though and only lasts 30 days though I definitely suggest it to others because my cat has had a complete turn around since I started using it.”

Okay – so far, *sits up and knocks on wooden coffee table and reclines back* Vanessa informed me that Tazz hasn’t marked for month! Even more, Tazz preferred being in basements but with Feliway she’s become more sociable and affectionate. Tazz’s transformation made for good chi and gave me reason enough to think that maybe other pet owners suffering with behavioural problems are coming to their wits end and need some faith. Guess what guys, it’s time to believe!


When Ceva diffusers work, they work on multiple levels. They can turn a stressed and territorial pet to a relaxed and confident one without the use of pharmaceutical assistance. Can we please stop giving our pets Xanax?


I have heard of Feliway or Adaptil not working or only working temporarily. Persistence is key.


$55 – $65


Most vet clinics carry Feliway and Adaptil and are totally happy to answer any questions you may have.


Ceva diffusers as a calming aid are a proven way to reduce or stop stress-related behaviors in your pet. The diffusers are specially designed to release calming pheromones in your home for up to 4 weeks. Replace as needed with the diffuser refills (sold separately). Animals rub their faces on objects around the home to mark them with special facial pheromones. When left on prominent pieces of furniture, curtains, even walls, these pheromones create a calming atmosphere that reassures pets that everything is alright. If something stressful disturbs the environment, pets can start exhibiting stress-related behaviors like urine marking and inappropriate scratching. Feliway or Adaptil can help to reassure your pet and reduce stress-related behaviors. Feliway contains an artificial calming aid that mimics the those pheromones. The diffuser disperses the artificial pheromone around your environment, returning your pet to that place of calm and reassurance. The calming aid is nontoxic and odorless. It is not a drug or tranquilizer and will not affect people. It is the safe, natural solution to resolving your pet’s stress-related behaviors. Clinical studies show that Ceva diffusers are 95% effective at reducing or stopping urine marking and scratching; you could see results in as little as 7 days.

Fact, you cannot expect instant results because all pet personalities really do vary. Second fact, Ceva diffusers are awesome if they work but like most behavioural problems action is needed both biologically and environmentally for there to be as full of a resolve as possible. Please keep in mind that the longer a behaviour goes uncorrected the harder it is to break but consistency and patients are key.


Okay y’all its September (already?!) and with that summer’s wrap up. Busy schedules are approaching and stress levels will be on the rise. Our pets can actually feed off these shifts and get stressed out as well. Us humans have our “Netflix and chill time” so think of Ceva diffusers as a stress reliever for our pets. No matter the stressor (moving, work, relationships, et cetera) if your pet is displaying behavioural problems and lashing out I really do think Ceva diffusers are a wonderful holistic shot to curb said naughty behavior.

Okay guys, I couldn’t resist. Meet Tazz! I love her little face!


Ps. Tazz’s Citrus spray recipe via Vanessa!

Small spray bottle
– Add a few slices of anything citrus you have in your fridge ex. lemons or limes, oranges.
– Add water and shake.

I let mine sit over night to let the juices come out. Then sprayed generously on any areas you don’t want your cat to go ex. couches,
chairs, beds. Make sure not to spray on leather or wood type furniture as the acid can ruin it. And before spraying on any material
try a test spot to see if it discolours. Spray as often as needed.

Oh heck, here’s another one cuz damn, she is so pretty!



Good luck with summer’s good bye everyone 😩🍂❄️😘✌it’s not that bad, it’s kinda pretty and neat 😉


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