Monday , 11 December 2017

Car Crash Test

On the 15th, I had a car accident on the highway, about 10 minutes from my house. My car was a wreck and I was in horrible pain from whiplash but my mind kept wandering to the fact that I won’t be home in time to feed or take the pets out. As I exchanged information with the driver and waited for my knight in shining armor (tow truck). The woman looked over to my car and casually asked if my pet was alright. I blankly stared at her, a moment of panic setting in and noticed she was staring at the empty cat carrier. Last thing I needed was a heart attack to be put on the list of things happening to me in twenty minutes or less!

I love how my concern for my own safety and my car repair bill was completely taken over by the pets. The car could be fixed and I’ll bounce back from this misfortune with medication and rest but the simple fact I wouldn’t be home on time really bothered me. Does anyone else relate to this when they have to work overtime or get delayed? I think the worst part was the fact my cellphone was dead, so I couldn’t even call a friend to go over and take them out for me.

Sylvain, the tow truck driver and I got lost trying to find the garage out here in Ile-Perrot. We had a blast talking, going up and down the streets looking for the bloody place (finding Waldo would be easier). After we unloaded my car to join the rest of the crashee’s in the lot, he was nice enough to drive me home. IĀ  got home around 7:00pm instead of my usual 5:20pm. Among the kisses and whines I got from the crew, Gambit was quite proud to show me his mess. I don’t know how the heck he managed to open and close the tool box but its been a week and I’m still finding screws and nails around the house!! Lets just say Gambit failed the patience test when it comes to arriving home late.

Two hours too many!!

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