Monday , 19 February 2018

Take Action: It is time for Canada to #BanShockCollars


I know that I am no dog behaviorist or dog trainer. I am a person that believes that all animals are sentient beings that deserve to be respected. Therefore, I am in favor of the new e-petition calling for  a ban of Shock Collars. The following petition is being presented by Kennedy Steward, Member of Parliament for Burnaby South in British Columbia.

According to the petition, only 700 people from Quebec have taken action and signed the petition. I am sure that once this post goes up and a Facebook Posting of it goes viral, we can have more than 700 Quebec residents signing the petitions and sharing the post with other Canadian friends in order to end this horrible tool that is used to dominate our best friends by inflicting fear and pain.

Let’s do the right thing and sign this petition. Amplify the power of social media by sharing it and help the petition go viral all over Canada. There are only 3,692 Signatures. Make your voice count! #BanShockCollars.

Technology makes it so easy for all of us to come together and make a difference for companion animals.

The Petition is open for signature until April 2, 2016.


Montreal Dog Blog’s ‘Ask a trainer’ blogger is Meira Frankl and she is a trainer


1. Sign the petition:…

2. “Like” the  page on Facebook:

3. Ask 100* of your friends (Canadian only) to sign the petition. You can copy a quick request and message your friends on Facebook Messenger.

Together we can ‪#‎BanShockCollars‬

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