Monday , 19 February 2018

TakeAction: #Laval Say No To #AnimalCruelty


The City of Laval will soon decide if either Auberge Zen or Berger Blanc to hold the contract for animal management and pound service. The Facebook Page Groupe Intervention Protection Animaux Compagnie – Québec posted the following message:

The BID is out for the renewal of the animal services in Laval for 2016-2019. Auberge Zen pour animaux holds the current contract that serves a population of over 500 000. Auberge Zen collaborates with pound paws and other rescues to relocate and save close to 90% of the cats, dogs, and exotic animals that arrive each day. Auberge Zen Refuge (non-profit organization) submitted for the 2016-2019 bid.
Only one other submitted and is in the race, with a bid of 2 000 000$ less than (over a 3 year period) Auberge zen refuge, it’s the for profit organization Berger Blanc. What will happen? The closing date for bids was on November 10th 2015 and ever since that date people are awaiting the conclusion. The city reserves the right not to chose the lowest submission.

You can send an email to the city of Laval in a respectful and constructive way to show your support for Auberge Zen Refuge by going on the city website contacts

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  1. Berger blanc should stop being in business. Period. Laval or anywhere else. They don’t offer the protection, love and care that these poor abandoned animals need. They are abusive, neglectful and euthanasia is their answer for everything.

  2. Auberge Zen is the right and only choice for the sake of the animals. Show your humanity and choose Auberge Zen – please.

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