Tuesday , 12 December 2017

Attack of the Wasps

In the Face

In the summer of 2008, I moved to Ile-Bizard in a nice trailer with a fenced in yard. The first week went well until I noticed Gambit was dedicated to pee and jump on a hole in the grass. Nicky and Remmy were avoiding the hole and came running inside. I didn’t understand what his problem was and tried calling him inside but he ignored me. Then again understanding Gambit would be understanding insanity as a whole.

After bribing him with a cookie, Gambit came bolting inside with the face the size of a melon. As I stared at my deformed dog, I went outside to investigate. Not the smartest of ideas…… I ended up running in circles, screaming like a banshee as wasps tried to sting me. Not the best first impression on the neighbors! Trying to hold ice packs on a dogs face is not the easiest of tasks but the swelling went down. I called my friend to pick up some products to rid of my problem since I couldn’t even step outside at this point. As I desperately tried to keep Gambit away from the wasp nest, he desperately tried to go to it. Pain was not going to stop him from destroying these invaders and that day, he got stung a good three more times.

Gambit is very bull-headed, when he sets his mind on something, nothing will stop him. The problem with that is you have to guess what’s on his mind by the way he reacts to a situation. I’ve gotten better over the years but he still throws a few curve balls at me.

My friend came over the following night when the wasps retire for the day into their nests to sleep and we prepared the devious plan. We used the whole bottle of Raid for wasps and put a large rock on top, no way they were going to survive. Except they did…..and when we removed the rock three days later, they attacked. Now there were two girls running around in circles screaming with a crazed revenge filled dog going at the nest. We were unharmed but Gambit was once more….a melon face.

I went online to find different ways to kill wasps without having to fork over big bucks to en exterminator and learned that Raid only clogs the hole and wouldn’t leak all the way down to the nest. As I kept googling sites, one mentioned using Kerosene. At this point I was desperate since Gambit’s face was quite swollen from his continuous endeavors. My friend and I went to Canadian tire and bought a bottle of Kerosene. We got back home around nine, the wasps were gone into their nests and we knew it was the perfect time. While I poured the entire bottle of Kerosene inside the nest, which I’m positive was overkill at this point. She held onto the rock ready to drop it on my head if they came buzzing out. We blocked the hole and ran inside. This time we kept the rock on the hole all summer and winter…and summer again till I moved out. It was safe to say, we no longer had a wasp problem and Gambit’s face looked a lot better since!

Link: How to kill wasps the easy way!

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