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Moms to be! How to deal with pregnancy and your pets

Congratulations on your pregnancy!  Now, what are you going to do about your other babies (the furry ones)?

It’s a beautiful time especially when it’s your first child, going through all the experiences and challenges of learning what to buy, what you need or don’t.  Essentially, how to care for this child having no experience or background doing so!   I’m 41 weeks today!  I have gone through all the emotions and challenges that come with pregnancy and ensuring my fur babies are not feeling neglected.

Having a cat or dog is definitely a start, but nowhere close to what you go through when that little human bundle of joy peeks its head out into the new world and depends only on you for what they need to learn for the rest of their life.

I like comparing dogs to children (my baby is coming in 2 days) but the thought process and the learning process between the both of them is similar.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I believe children are dogs (or vice versa) but there is a resemblance when it comes to raising a child and training dogs.  My sister goes crazy when I give my opinion of my niece overreacting because she is not getting what she wants  (*cough manipulation cough cough*)  Working with dogs and cats has given me some experience of how I will raise my own child (I’ll talk about this in my next blog post).  For now, we will focus on the journey of being pregnant and the responsibilities of caring for your fur baby through this transition.

Your dogs and cats thrive on stability, expecting you home at certain hours, eating their meals, knowing their environments without too much disruption.  This will mostly change once you reach 7 – 8 months. The spare room where the cats hung out during their days has now become a beautiful nursery. The walks to the park and around the neighbourhood are getting shorter, even the hours spent taking pictures of your pets are now pictures of your growing belly.

I love my fur babies, people ask me if this my first one.  “The first 2 legged human baby? Yes, yes it is!”  I will never forget the love I have for my four-legged babies which is why everything I have done up until now is to ensure they don’t feel neglected.  I recently closed my doggy day care for one month to really organize my company and to take the time to re-energize myself for this upcoming adventure. My dog Arizona usually stays with our doggie guests, she LOVES being with the other doggies. During this whole month she had to stay with momma (me). She was so bored and gained weight. Even if we would go for walks she wouldn’t have all the crazy fun and activities she is used to during dog walking or day care hours.  This experience teaches me that dogs continuously need the exercise and the routine they are used to, or even more now that your attention is automatically somewhere else.

Many moms feel they are drowning.  I completely understand now that I have lived through it.  There are many things to do before baby arrives and once baby has arrived – even more. You need help and now is the time to ask for it.  It is difficult for soon-to-be moms preparing and going through this time doing everything, especially if you partner works full time. There are chores to share but also hiring and delegating routine tasks makes it easier on both of you. Keep the balance!

Dog walkers – I emphasize this because I see too many moms trying to do everything themselves. Dog become frustrated, start acting out, having accidents. More work for you and your partner. Choosing a daily or 3x a week schedule is enough to get your dog the attention and exercise they need. Even if you are at home, your pup doesn’t always get the attention you used to give. They mope around the house, go for a quick break in the back yard and once in a while a short walk to the park and get fat (I’m generalizing, of course)!  Keep those dog walkers coming –  they go for longer walks and the attention is only on your dog.

Dog sitters – once you go into labour, don’t expect family or friends to help.  They are surely happy you’re pregnant but have their own lives to live.  Hire a reliable pet care company to ensure they can come last minute to pick up your dogs for a couple of days off, walk your dogs or even sleep at your place while you’re 2-5 days at the hospital.  Inform them in advance so they will “save the date” and make one more thing for you stress free!  Don’t forget before the new baby arrives, to take a break with your partner. You need the time to engage in alone time.  Dog sitters and cageless home environment facilities are some options you can choose for those romantic getaways.

Cat sitter or pet sitters – ask a pet care company if they offer just a service to clean the litter out every 2 days. Depending where you are located you can ask for a special discount for a term of 3 months.  Every 2 weeks is the recommended amount of time to do a complete litter change.  Remember mom, you are not allowed to clean the litter nor lift heavy bags! A good cat-sitting company can also deliver the litter and food for you.  If you are preparing for a romantic “babymoon” getaway, they can help you!

Cleaning Company – Get yourself ready to hire a cleaning company who can start off closer to your due date, 2 times per week.  During that week, you can easily maintain the dishes and the vacuuming (preferably your partner can help with that).

This is your time to be spoiled! Of course you can do everything on your own, but investing in services, asking for help and putting together a schedule for your pets, will not only provide great benefits to your pets but ultimately keep you sane and healthy (remember, no cleaning the cat litter!).  Spend more time enjoying being pregnant and begin to embrace your busy baby life while your furry babies get the care and attention they need!  Good luck – and enjoy every minute because before you know it, 9 months is already here!

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