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Guarding against lost pets

Hi Montreal Dog Blog readers!  Hope you’ve had a wonderful summer! Baby Jasmine Rose is doing so well! I love being a human baby mom! During my time off, I have spent a lot of days out and about, walking in the streets, going to parks, for ice cream, etc – and I have seen many people walking dogs off leash or without an ID tag.

How many pet parents do you know who keep their dogs off leash in the park or on the side of the streets?  Have you seen people running after their pets, calling them to come back while their dogs run in the other direction to “freedom”?

How many lost pets have you seen? Flyers, online, word of mouth, newspapers… enough is enough.  It’s time to start taking responsibility for our pets.  How many more “lost” flyers  do we have to see around the neighbourhood to finally learn they are animals of instinct?  Aren’t you tired of seeing how many pets are lost or killed due to the fact that we take for granted how “good” they are are off leash?  “My dog always listens to me!” – until there is a squirrel at the other side of the street and the dog chases it.  When I used to work at Centre DMV most of our emergency cases were those hit by cars. Only YOU have the power to prevent the worst case scenarios.  Here are some steps to follow:

1) Get your pup used to a collar and a harness.  Collars are important and safer than harnesses when left unsupervised. Collars such as martingales are great, not only are they designed for dogs with heads smaller than their necks – but you can use it for any dog size since it only tightens when a dog actually pulls on leash. You can find really great ones at :  Hotdogs all dressed or  Pit@bulle where most of their profits go to rescue.

2) ID tags : extremely important to identify. Name + number or just number.


Having a tag is the most efficient way to find a lost animal.

Les Anges Gardiennes Pet Hotels obliges Identification Tags for every guest. If guests present themselves without an ID, a tag is automatically put on their collar. Having a tag with your number or the number where your pets go on vacation, is the most efficient way to find a lost animal. If pets gets lost and have on their collar ID tag from www.lesangesmtl.com, our database enables the Guardian Angels to call parents right away and bring pets to the pet hotel until parents return home.

3) City Tag : The city of Montreal requires your pup to be registered. A 20 $ fee is nothing compared to paying almost up to 450.00$ in fees if your dog is caught without a city tag.  Tickets ARE given – one of our Angel Dog Walkers received a ticket because the pet parents were days away from moving to another city, and opted to wait it out.

4) Microchip: It’s an electronic and hypoallergenic device, the size of a grain of rice which is  inserted under your pet’s skin at the height of their shoulder blades. This device contains all of your contact information. You can get it done for almost half the price at fairs, or pet events all over the city. But to get it done right away, set up an appointment with your local vet or SPCA  . Be sure to have your veterinarian test it at your pets yearly check up.

Sometimes losing a pet is unavoidable.  A door opens and the rascal runs out and by by the time he realizes it – he doesn’t know his way back home.  But by complying with these four steps, it will surely make it easier to find your pet if they do get lost.

The ultimate advice I can give anyone would be to never leave your pets off leash (yes, even cats – especially cats).  Dogs are extremely happy on leash or in a secure dog park. Trust me, the feelings and the exhaustion you will have to go through if your pet baby is lost is nothing compared to the ‘guilt of leaving him always on leash’ (I say “guilt” because sometimes people just want them to be “free” – comes with a price).  Cats are happy at home . Many of my pet parents have created a cat proof back yard or balcony. Cats can also be used to wearing a harness.  If you’re interested in knowing how, call Educhateur or speak to your Veterinary technician to find out how to keep your cats entertained inside.

I believe taking these proper precautions will help you avoid so much heartache if you lose them. We already love them for so short a time anyway – why make it shorter?

Have you ever lost your pet?  Tell me your story and what you did to prevent it the next time.

You can write me at:  Vanessa Rose  info@lesangesmtl.com  or post in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks for sharing nice information! Pet id tags are important and safer than harnesses. So, Having a pet id tag is the most efficient way to protect your pets.

    • Hi David, your very welcome. The tips are used to help you keep your pets safe. Keep em on a leash in public places. You can bring your pup to an off leash dog park to run and socialize. Have you ever lost a pet?

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