Monday , 19 February 2018

Education! Even after years of experience

Continuing Education

Important in any professional  field, continuing education can involve seminars, conferences (online too) and reading books helping oneself and a business grow. As a Veterinary technician I have always believed that its an essential aspect of my company. Everyone can be what they want but having something to back them up is what gives them the knowledge and professionalism to continue. At Les Anges Gardiennes we value and try to provide all our Angels information and the training they need to apply during their pet visits or dog walks the knowledge about most common diseases, how to look for those symptoms and how to avoid cross contamination. Being surrounded by animals everyday we want to be aware of those zoonotic  diseases and know what to do to for protection. This week, baby Jasmine and I have ventured out to a fairly new pet boarding EXPO conference in Hershey Pennsylvania. People are friendly, the seminar content is good and its a perfect opportunity to really get to know what other pet care owners do at their establishments. Its an exchange of knowledge and experience. What works and what doesn’t. For me, coming here is something I like doing, I share my experiences but I also learn so much more about what else is out there, methods, way of doing, pet products…etc

Many online certifications are also available and cut the costs dramatically, They have tests at the end of the course which is great. I have done this in the past but there is nothing like getting real people sharing their personal story and the hands on experience -is a big payoff!

Is continuing education high on your question list when hiring pet care professionals for your fur baby? Do you know if they  invest time and money to learn? It doesn’t come cheap : price of conference, flight, traveling, hotel, food and energy – but the investment is worth all that. Knowing you will now be able to add on so many new features, change things for the better and really bring fresh new ideas and methods to implement. Or, just knowing that you are doing things right is very satisfying. For Pet Care Professionals out there it is really worth it and the commitment in doing so, will show in the quality of pet care, customer service, impressing not only pet parents but their fur babies and foremost satisfy the staff’s passion; who will shine as bright as stars because they believe in the company they work for for many years to come. Signing off from PA

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As a veterinary Technician and Owner of Les Anges Gardiennes Pet Care services , I live my life 1) establashing pet parents and pets a balanced relationship ultimately decreasing the numbers of abandoned animals. 2) Creating and maintaining a high standard quality pet care and customer service whin the animal world 2) helping with pet responsibilities to keep their pet safe, happy an loved 3)Offering passionate animal lovers an opportunity to work and follow a great company in a positive environment filled with wet nosed kisses

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