Friday , 19 January 2018

Ask A Vet: Allergies and Ear Infections

Q:  Is it safe to give my dog Aerius for his allergies? last year he almost died due to serious seasonal allergies we gave him an Aerius and it helped alot..saved his life…so I guess I answered my own question.  But, here’s another one:  he also has frequent ear infections. we have tried all the tricks from oil to antibiotics – anything new or a secret anyone knows? He is a 6 year old 86 lb chocolate lab. I also have a 2 year old 75 lb chocolate lab, he has ear infections too.



A: Aerius is one of several antihistamines that may be given to dogs for the treatment of allergies.  Hopefully you consulted your vet before you gave it to your dog to make sure that it was appropriate for him and to know how much to give.  It would be very unusual, however, for a dog to almost die from a seasonal allergy.

Ear infections are very common in dogs.  There are several reasons why an individual dog may have recurrent ear infections.  Among these reasons are breed of the dog, allergies, dogs who swim, and floppy vs. erect ears.  The fact that both of your dogs are labs and they both have recurrent ear infections is probably not a coincidence since labs are one of the breeds that are most prone to this problem.  A discussion with your vet is a good idea to try and identify the underlying cause of your dogs’ ear problems which may then lead to a better long term solution.  Unfortunately, there is no single secret solution that works well for all dogs with ear infections.  Your goal shouldn’t necessarily be to completely avoid future infections (which might be possible) but rather to reduce the frequency and/or severity of the infections.

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