Friday , 19 January 2018

10 easy green choices

When we are opting to live a healthier and greener lifestyle, it can start by simply investing a bit more thought into the decisions we make.  Since pets are a part of the family, it’s also important to also make conscientious decisions with regarding to their health and well-being as well.  Pets can absolutely be green too!  It does not take too much time or effort to opt for better choices. Believe it or not-in the long run, you will also save money!  As time goes on, a wealth of choices are becoming available-making it a lot easier to green our pets as well.  Your pets can also be involved in reducing their carbon footprint!

1.  Buy biodegradable pooper scooper bags.

2.  Choose organic / natural pet products

3.  Buy/order in bulk and share with friends/ family if necessary

4.  Train your dog to pee and poo outside and forget puppy pads

5.  Buy treats locally or make your own dog biscuits!

6.  Use snap on lids and forget plastic wrap / aluminum foil

7.  Buy durable and long lasting pet toys-check for those made out of hemp / bamboo

8.  Switch to biodegradable kitty litter.  My favorite is  Feline Fresh Pine Cat Litter. The scent is great too!

9. When changing your pet’s water, make sure not to waste-water the plants!

10.  Use natural materials from your cupboard to clean pet stains or get rid of that pet smell.  Lemon juice, vinegar, club soda, baking soda and natural oils are all effective and non-toxic!

*Keep in mind that with natural oils, buy only  100% pure oils ( cheap is not the way to go) and natural oils should not be applied directly to your pet’s fur- best to dilute with water.

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  1. Thanks for the green lifestyle suggestions. I have passed these on to some friends.

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