Friday , 19 January 2018

My Life As A Mouse …

And so it begins, two more Baby La La’s


Cute ? Looks like a pumpkin to me ...
Dude- They didn't call you Skunk cuz your black and white ! BMAO !!!











 Meet the Fosters!

So my Mom likes to foster and she’s right… My nose does get out of joint!  These little varmints come in here and follow me around like I am their mother. Do I look the maternal type to you? Mother says I am an ingrate because I was once here as a foster also. She says I was a “foster failure”….Huh ??

That means that she kept me instead of adopting me out. 🙂

 I was found running up Cote St Luc road. No one knew what I was , I looked so scruffy. So Father named me Mouse and I came here and never left. Now I run this house, and pretty much run the neighbourhood. Not bad, for a girl.

Mother says she loves fostering. The more pathetic the better you have a chance of sleeping in my bed.

Sad story? Come on in.

And then it’s up to me to boss them around and teach them the ropes.  It’s bad enough when they’re dogs.

Boy there are a lot of sad dogs out there.

But now, she is all gooey eyed over these little felines as well.

I have to say kittens get the message early on.

But just when you settle down into a nice sleep, they are rubbing their butts in your face or trying to get at your belly with their tongues.. UGGG.  

My brother seems to like this. He’s so dumb. He loves to play Nanny and sleep wherever they are and cries at the door if they are locked in.

Then they have to leave cuz she finds these great homes and she gets all teary eyed. What a sap!   See ya suckers. She’s all mine once again.

But all it takes is one sob story on Facebook or a visit to a shelter, and back they come …marching in.

 Mother says more people need to foster. That way, more dogs and cats can be saved from terrible lives. She says it’s so much better waiting for your forever home in a real loving surrounding and not a scary cage. I guess that’s true but why is it my home?  Can’t it be yours?

Let me know if you’re available. I can give you plenty of numbers from her book.

Seriously, I can.

Mother says these latest rodents were found in a backyard with no mother. One’s name is Skunk..

 Hey ! If the muttluks fit fella… You sure are gassy!

 And this Kaid , the orange one, looks like a baby pumpkin…

 FYI – They cost only $125.00. I think that’s a great deal.

If I was you, I would call for them today. Take two, they’re small.”


Mother says they are being helpful by filing themselves while she is working.
If I don't look he is not really here , if I don't look he is not really here...
Please be sending an email to come get you.. crap !! He fell asleep !!

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  1. Terry,

    what a great blog story with great pics. lucky mouse and lucky animals that get to come live in your house, for however long.

  2. I can’t believe they both fit in the file folders! Mouse – keep a close eye on these babies. I’ll help you get the word out to find them homes so you can be Princess of the House again.

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