Friday , 19 January 2018

To Those That Leave Pets Tied Up in Public Places

The County Executive of the state of Maryland in the US, Isiah Legget, has come to a new resolution after Molly was dog-napped. In an article I found on the Washington Examiner, it is explained how  Leggett  proposed a new law which would allow authorities to fine dog (and cat) owners $500 if they tie up their animals in public without keeping an eye on them.The law also contains provisions which would force owners who do tether their animals while keeping an eye on them to ensure appropriate shade during summer (or whenever the temperature is over 70 degrees) and new doghouse standards for animals who spend most of their time outdoors. The law would also provide for penalties, including jail time, if tethering causes suffering.

How come Montreal cannot conceive a law like the one Legget is now enforcing? In my personal opinion, “common sense” is a virtue of a few and therefor should be implemented by those that govern us. The dogs outside of Marche Jean-Talon during the hot summer, the dogs outside the coffee shop during the cold winters, the dogs that have to be tied up with no supervision and maybe exposed to danger.

Do people really think that we are in Utopia and we all live happy and love each other? Can’t they think that by leaving the dog tied up with no supervision, they are exposed to people that may enjoy hurting animals. There are chances that the animal may be teased or provoked and may bite someone. I am not proud to admit the following but I have been tempted into dog-napping when I have seen the dogs sitting on the cold snow for hours while the owners are enjoying coffee and chatting with friends. I’ve asked people why not leaving the dog home. The answer I get: “Oh he loves to wait for me, he loves it outside.”

Well Duh! All dogs love it outside! If you are lazy and just take out your dog only when it is convenient to you it is more that obvious that the animal will resemble to be happy. If the dog would be untied, I don’t think they would wait for their owner where the cold snow may be bothering its paws or where the hot sun hits them. People have to think that the action of tying the animal and not been able to protect or defend itself is cruel and to my eyes it is a form of neglect.


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  1. Wow! I didnt know that people could do that. But to those same people we should ask them, would they leave their children outside the cafe or supermarket? probably they would if they could.

  2. people dont realize that dogs are like babies. if you wouldnt leave your baby outside a store then you shouldnt leave ur dog.

    People who do not truly care about their dogs leave them tied up upside while goign shopping.

  3. The more I see, hear and read the horror stories going around, I get more furious with not only the owners of these beautiful animals but also the Government that just keep on ignoring the people voices for these magnificent animals.

    Just because they are animals they have no rights for protection cause they can’t speak up. What is it going to take for Governments and the Courts to wake up and start listening and changing some of the existing laws and implementing new ones or coping some from other countries.
    We need more people to fight for these animals.

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