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“52 Montreal Animal Lovers You Should Know About ” – Hilarie Harubin-Nolet

Hilarie Harubin-Nolet


I first met Hilarie through her fabulous store, Boutique Woof! Meow!

As if that were not keeping her busy enough, she single handedly organizes one of the top pet events on the island.

The annual Beaconsfield Pet Fair this past September was once again a huge success.

We are all proud to be associated with this event and of what she has accomplished in a few short years!


Hilarie leading the " 100 Past Adoptees" parade . Sept 2010

Where do you reside and who lives with you?

I now live in Beaconsfield with my husband, Moose and my two Boston Terriers, Koda and Bowie.  I also share my home with my two Goldfish, Napolean and Josephine.

 When did you first realize you wanted to be involved with animals?

I was laid off from my corporate job a few years ago.  At the time, I had my rescued Spaniel, Daisie, who was then 12 and my newly adopted Boston Terrier, Koda who was 9 months old.  I took some time off work and spent my days training Koda to be a super dog and taking care of my senior dog.  When it was time to return to work, I realized that I didn’t want to leave my dogs alone for several hours a day, so I decided to open a pet supply store.  Obviously, this was a way to be able to bring my dogs to work! 

How did you get involved with local rescue organizations?

I got involved because my own dogs were rescued and I knew what wonderful animals rescued dogs/cats could be.  From the day I opened my store, I became involved in rescue issues

Tell us more about Boutique Woof! Meow!

The store is focused on good nutrition and healthy alternatives to some of the crap out in the general market.  I also help customers find their perfect companions.  Customers tell me the kind of dog they are looking for and I usually find them the perfect match.  I’m also known as the Boston Terrier Lady.  I volunteer for Boston Terrier Rescue of Canada and do a lot of fundraising for them. 

Recently, I have begun to work with Reach for the Stars Rescue by providing a foster home (the store) for their cats/kittens that are looking for homes.  They are in the store during the day for customers to see and to adopt!  We have adopted out 5 cats in a mere 7 weeks.  We have a constant rotation of cats in the store. 

 How did the Beaconsfield Pet Fair materialize?

Hmm….it was 4 years ago and someone who was involved in rescuing animals approached me and asked if I would be interested in working with her to have a pet fair in the Beaurepaire Village, where my store is located.  How could I say no?! The first year, we had 1200 visitors to our pet fair.  Now, after just completing our 4th year, we see over 3000 visitors to the pet fair.

 What’s in the future for Hilarie?

I’m currently working on a foundation that will provide emergency funding to an animal rescue organization in need.  Proceeds from the Beaconsfield Pet Fair along with my own fundraising throughout the year go into a Beaconsfield Pet Fair bank account.  If a rescue organization needs funds in an emergency, we will lend them the money so that medical procedures do not have to be delayed. They will pay the money back as they are able to.  In certain cases, we will donate the money to the rescue group in need.


‎”In rescuing animals,  I lost my mind, but found my soul.” ~anonymous


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