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Top 10 reasons why adult dogs are better than puppies (When Adopting)

Puppies are pretty cute, that is indisputable. Everyone loves puppies, everyone wants a ‘new puppy’ but puppies are not always the best option for your situation. Adult dogs deserve a chance as well, and too many times are passed up by potential homes who are focused on getting that ‘brand new puppy’. Adult dogs are far less work than a puppy, are just as great companions, just as affectionate and playful, without the mess of housetraining, and destroyed furniture.

Top 10 reasons why adult dogs are better than puppies:

  1. What you see is what you get: You already know their size, temperament, health issues (if any), and energy level. All of the above can be variable in puppies, and puppies temperament can evolve as they reach sexual maturity (1-2 years).
  2. Less Destructive: Adult dogs are less likely to be destructive and chew on furniture, homework, garbage dive, ect.
  3. Housetrained: Adult dogs are usually already housetrained and have at least basic obedience training.
  4. No nipping or rambunctious phase: Adult dogs are less likely to be nippy, or mouthy, as they have already been there and done that. Most puppies go through that phase, therefore an adult dog can in-fact be safer with kids than a puppy going through a rambunctious phase. Especially in large breeds where puppies can be 50 pounds and going through a rough, mouthy period.
  5. Sleep through the night: You can get a good night sleep, without having to take a puppy out every few hours.
  6. Just as cute: Adult dogs are just as cute as puppies, and senior dogs are even cuter than puppies.
  7. Easy-peasy: First time dog owners should consider an adult dog over a puppy, raising and training a puppy is hard work and if not done properly can leave the dog with life long issues. Only experienced dog owners should take on the task of rearing a well balanced, well socialized, and well trained puppy into an adult dog.
  8. Less vets visits (Cheaper): puppies need 3 rounds or vaccines, continued de-worming protocols for up to 6 months, follow up stool analysis, sterilization appointment, suture removal following sterilization, and that is if all goes well. Adult dogs are usually fully vaccinated, spayed/neutered and appropriately de-wormed before being adopted. Which means when you adopt them, you may only need to do one follow up vaccine appointment, if any.
  9. Adaptable: adult dogs can easily adapt to a working schedule of an average home. if you are not able to stay at home for at least the first 3 -6 months of your puppies life, or are planning on working full time while trying to raise a puppy, an adult dog is a better match. Leaving a puppy at home while you work full time is not fair, and deprives the puppy of much needed social development in the vital phases of its life. This can cause life long behavioural issues.
  10. Everyone loves puppies, go against the grain. adopt an adult dog!

Sources: “Top 10 Reasons Why Adult Dogs are Better Than Puppies

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  1. What a great list, and all are soo true. I have 3 rescue dogs, and although I sometimes wished I could have seen them as puppies I am happy I chose to adopt adult dogs that needed homes rather than fall for a cute puppy face!

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