Friday , 19 January 2018

Queenie: The Queen of Your Heart?

Mistake 1: Queenie was given as a gift.

Mistake 2: Her owner got new furniture. This meant the dog had to go. She was given back to the person that bought her.

Mistake 3: That person left Queenie alone for 10 hours at a time. The day Queenie was rescued, she’d been alone in the house for 3 days.  The owner shrugged and claimed, “their affinity had come to an end”.

No more mistakes.

It’s high time for Queenie to find a home that deserves her.  She is now 6.5 years old and a real sweetheart. Fortunately, her previous existence hasn’t affected her outlook on people and she has her whole life ahead of her!  Her foster mom has ensured all her vet needs have been attended too (dental, vaccinations, bloodwork and sterilization once she is adopted).   And she will be very picky about who gets to share this special dog’s life.  Wouldn’t you?  An adoption fee (that covers those vet bills to date) will be applied.

So – what d’ya say?  Will Queenie be the Queen of your heart?   Contact:

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  1. Can you telll me where this sweet little dog is now, (Feb 6/11)? If she has been adopted? I just moved to Quebec from Georgia with my oldest dog Maggie (8 yrs. ol) & she is missing a friend I had to leave behind. She is lonely without one of her own kind. I hate leaving her alone even to do errands. We would both feel so much better if we could find a little friend for her, & this one looks to be potentially the one if she is still available. Pls let us know if she is. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Debra! Thanks for your interest. Let me get in touch with Annly’s foster mom and see where she is! 🙂 Good luck.

      • Hey Nat! Thx for getting back to me so quickly. I really hope Queenie is still available & that she is close by. I live in Les Coteaux, close to Valleyfield. Rest assured that should Maggie & I be able to welcome Queenie into our home, she will be well loved & cared for!! Please feel free to pass on my e-mail to the foster mom:, thx!

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