Friday , 19 January 2018

Ask A Vet: My dog is coughing!

Q: My chihuahua just started coughing up a storm.  I think it could be kennel cough because he was recently boarded.  I don’t think it’s an emergency for the DMV… What can I give him to temporarily relieve the coughing before we go to the vet tomorrow?  I’ve been told by other dog owners that they sometimes use robitussin.

A: There is a good chance that your dog has kennel cough, given its recent stay at a kennel.  However, there are numerous other causes of cough in dogs which include pneumonia, heart disease, and collapsing trachea.  So although it sounds like your chihuahua has kennel and cough suppressants are often used for this condition,  it is very important to have it diagnosed first because cough suppressants could be contraindicated for other causes of cough.

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  1. Thanks! He has seen the vet. The vet does not think it is kennel cough – but it is some sort of infection (the vet analogized it to the human cold – though, of course, that is a virus). He gave me instructions on dosage for children’s cough medecine, if required at night. Little Gizmo is still coughing, but his night (and ours) was far more restful last night!

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