Friday , 19 January 2018

Law Banning Dog Sales in Pet Stores in British Columbia

Andrea Woo ,of the Vancouver Sun, informs that the city of Richmond  voted unanimously on Monday night to draft a bylaw amendment that would ban the sale of dogs in pet stores, in what the B.C. SPCA is calling a “landmark move against puppy mills.”

In the U.S many cities are enforcing the ban of sales of puppies in pet stores. I just wonder when is Quebec going to get in the same wagon as the others. I am proud of the citizens of Richmond  for being the first in Canada on taking a decision like this one and actually doing something to end the suffering of dogs in puppy mills.

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MontrealDogBlog creator Nat Lauzon responds to the news:


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  1. This makes me happy! I would love information on how to start this ban going in Ontario as I am tired of seeing caged dogs “on display” for purchase in small pet stores. Please help me if you can. Thank you and yes, we should be way beyond this as a society.

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